Verdicts & Settlements: Slip & Fall Case Settled for $300,000

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June 7, 2023
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Verdicts & Settlements: Slip & Fall Case Settled for $300,000

Sign showing warning of wet floor on wet floor

Miami, FL – Kanner and Pintaluga’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently resolved a case for $300,000 for a slip & fall that occurred in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant located inside a South Florida Hospital.

In November 2017, our client visited a fast-food stop located within the hospital where she was visiting a dying relative. In between consultations with doctors, she decided to go get something to eat. While in the bathroom, she slipped and fell – severely injuring her lower back and hip. Months of treatment ultimately led to a SI Joint Fusion, forever changing her life. When the fast-food company’s insurance refused to reimburse our client for her injuries, the team at Kanner & Pintaluga immediately filed a lawsuit against the franchise and set forth on a mission to ensure our client was properly compensated for harms and losses.

While in suit, several depositions of the fast-food company’s management and employees quickly revealed a broken safety system – one where employees did not follow their own policies and procedures. It was discovered that the fast-food spot always left their “wet floor” signs out because their floors were always getting slippery throughout the day. Instead of addressing the root cause, they instead decided it was safer just to warn customers of the possible hazards on their property. Armed with this information and through the leadership and guidance of Howard Kanner and tenacity of Mina Grace, the firm ultimately negotiated a $300,000 settlement for our client.

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