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The Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga is an aggressive, ethical and results-driven law firm committed to representing accident and serious injury victims in various states.  Our primary goal is to achieve the most favorable outcome for our clients, who have the absolute right to receive the maximum compensation for their injuries.  Since establishing the firm in 2003, we have recovered in excess of $100 million on behalf of thousands of our injured clients.  At the Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga, we never represent big corporations, insurance companies, product manufacturers or government establishments.  On the contrary, we only fight for the rights of injured victims and their families.


At the Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga, we understand that those who have suffered from an injury or the wrongful death of a loved one are faced with financial hardship, and physical and emotional pain. Today’s costs for medical bills, prescription drugs, lost wages and long-term health care can be very expensive.  Unfortunately, big corporations and insurance companies are difficult to deal with, and they attempt to pay the least amount of compensation possible for serious injuries or wrongful death.


Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga have the determination, experience and resources to pursue each case vigorously, and we are never intimidated by large defense firms or insurance companies.  While a majority of our cases are commonly resolved through settlement negotiations, mediation, or dispute resolution, we will certainly proceed to court if a fair settlement cannot be reached.


If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, the Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga want to help you today.  Our knowledgeable staff members are available to answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever you call any of our offices.  If you are unable to travel to one of our offices due to your injuries, we will personally visit you at your home, hospital or doctor’s office whenever necessary. Additionally, your case will always be handled by one of our personal injury lawyers, as opposed to a legal assistant or paralegal.  Please contact the Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga for a free consultation, and let us provide you and your family with dedicated service and get you the compensation you deserve.


07 Feb 2018
I really appreciate the staff that handled my case. They kept me up to date through out my whole process. Exceptional service all around.

31 Jan 2018
Hi, my name is chekesha I want say Kanner and pintaluga did a wonderful job for me. I especially want to think Riley and sthelie for there help too and keeping me Inform about everything. I want to let everybody know if you ever be in a car accident go to Kanner and pintaluge. Very good people
LoveHeart 4

17 Jan 2018
This was my first accident and nana and dylan are great people
King Blak

16 Jan 2018
Angela Rucker

15 Jan 2018
This team of representatives are the best, stays on top of everything and makes sure that I'm satisfied every step of the way.
CeeCee Jackson

14 Jan 2018
I have experienced the best customer service thus far. Virginia has been most helpful and has made everything so easy for me. I really appreciate the service I have received.
Brown Eyez

14 Jan 2018
Shawn Evans

12 Jan 2018
No matter what,the people here was always patient with me even when I wasn't with them...as someone new to this times became very frustrating, but the people at kanner and pintaluga always assured me of the process and it will work out...Just have patience and faith and these guys will get the job done...thanks Samarah silva....
Collie Lindsey

11 Jan 2018
The team at Kanner and Pintaluga was absolutely amazing. They kept me informed throughout the whole process. A big thank you to Rodney and team for your hard work.

10 Jan 2018
Pamela, Saul and Harvey were amazing. Thank you for you help and support Veronique Grice

10 Jan 2018
I was given a hard time with my first law firm no one came to see me I was told to go to hospital and had to use my insurance and was also asked to use my insurance for physical therapy.I became easily frustrated and switch over to k&p; law firm. A woman named Virgina welcomed me aboard and was very helpful and gave great customer service I hope to continue receive great service and hope my case is handled efficiently in a timely manner
Everybodyloves Mo

09 Jan 2018
Tina Ware

09 Jan 2018
Ms. Giorginia Vazquez did her thing!! She got me over $1800 the amount expected. I loved your service and patience with me through this whole process. Unlike others left me in limbo of figuring out my next move, until it was assigned to you. It took rather long than expected, but you did what you had to do even with the holidays in. Thx lots!!
Meiyon Shockley

09 Jan 2018
My experience was actually pretty good. Pamela is the lady that assisted me and her service was amazing. I got help with my case and this is not the first time I have used their company.
Vice Beats

08 Jan 2018
Rodney and Team 1 have been excellent! Clear and concise communication. Worked hard to expedite my case. He has been very thorough and took the time to answer all my questions.
Abby Merlo

19 Dec 2017
Truth be told, I had to come back and edit my review because I felt like my review did not do the firm any justice. It was short and simple. When in reality, I personally have had a great experience with this firm and I have not once had any negative response from anyone that works at K&P. Even when I would call with an attitude or with my frustration against the insurance company. At all times , they remained respectful and responsive to everything! They have all been very attentive and very responsive!Especially Gerald and Ashley!! Gerald always responds to me ASAP and answers all of my questions! He is very attentive towards his clients! Ashley, really is good at what she does, she replies quick and always with a response .They truly do go that extra mile for their clients! They be on it!! I am actually glad that I hired them!! I was very skeptical at first because of all of the negative reviews but I know for a fact that other law firms really do just take all of your money, so I wanted to try this firm! Since this firm was the only one who actually made a move after my accident!They came all the way to my house to meet with me. Other firms were acting like they did not care at all. but not this one.since the first phone call, they started moving! They made me feel like I was their priority, they Had me in a rental within a week, in my doctors office, getting therapy with my family , all in a quick time frame. But Of course At the end of the day. Every case is different, everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is free to choose who they want to be represented by.
Mami Rivera

13 Dec 2017
Thank u for ur outstanding work u have help me recover and gave me the best doctors to help my case
Tiffany F.

13 Dec 2017
I think they fought for us and handled our case professionally and in a timely manner.

12 Dec 2017

Amanda Wisdom

12 Dec 2017
A-1 since day 1. The best, professional service I have dealt with.
Shilita Wisdom

12 Dec 2017

Quint Floyd

12 Dec 2017
Well had to do an update they have definitely improve on calling and emailing me on updates about my case and doctors they are finding for me. I am getting back to a happy place about my case.
Shamika Joshua

01 Dec 2017

Michael Wind

30 Nov 2017

Valencia Grizzelle

29 Nov 2017
Promised way more from my accident then I expected. Location is very convenient nice and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that has been in an accident.
Courtney Manning

28 Nov 2017


28 Nov 2017
Honestly, I was very skeptical in the beginning when I contracted them, because of all of the negative reviews that I read. &I had to chose wisely to let the right attorney’s handle my case, since my case was a bit complicated. & so far it’s only been 2 weeks, and I am very pleased. I have my rental.& my attorneys are moving fast and are very dedicated to me. I reach out to them during after hours, and they are very responsive and friendly! So I totally would give them a 5 star and I recommend them.
Angela Clemente

15 Nov 2017

Steven Allen

11 Nov 2017
Pamela is the best! No worries with this one. If she's on your case, rest assured she's on it.
Mrs Headley

11 Nov 2017
Overall, great experience. Communications were sometimes complicated - but Pamela was very helpful with closing my case and explaining details.
Anna Millirons

11 Nov 2017
Most dedicated law firm I have seen,Recommend them to everyone now !!! Rodney is awesome only law firm you can receive updates on a case on a Tuesday night at 8:15pm. He stopped bills from going to collections after I called and spoke to ...
Queen Hill

11 Nov 2017
They have done an outstanding job!! With no help from the other parties whom rear ended My vehicle.
Mrss RawBeautyQueen

07 Nov 2017
Mine went very well, i was hit head on and they got me back 20k
Mario Springer

06 Nov 2017

Nina Hgi

03 Nov 2017
Alice is amazing. She is the reason I stayed with KP. We got off to a Rocky start but when she got on my case she smoothed everything out. Everyone needs to get on her level of professionalism. I give HER 5 stars!!!!
Kimberly Starghill

03 Nov 2017
Kanner & Pintaluga was a great choice I made to represent me in my accident case. I had the privilege to work with Team 3 and they were great. Any questions I had they were their to answer then. Any time I emailed or called them they always responded back in a timely manner. Thank you so much!
Sasha Pegues

31 Oct 2017
great customer service and very polite help me a lot.
Lanard Suttles

30 Oct 2017
It was an honor working with Kevin. He kept me informed on the progress of my case. I would recommend him at anyone.

29 Oct 2017
Team 3 has been great in helping me resolve my case. I would definitely recommend Kanner and Pintaluga to my family & friends.

28 Oct 2017
Hello my name is Janiya Hason, I really want to thank Pamela from Kanner & Pintaluga for the wonderful customer service and skills. She kept me posted on how my case was going . I would recommend anyone to this company in they time of need, I am well satisfied with the work you and your team has done for me. Thank you Pamela!!!!

28 Oct 2017
The process is long, but I feel that they are working hard to get it done .

28 Oct 2017
It was alright took longer then it did

28 Oct 2017
I just wanted to say. KP makes this process stressless, it’s pretty intimidating to think about filing a claim but they really take care of you. My Rep Rodney is keeping me posted through the whole process, I would say that the best part is they don’t speak down on you, they are not condescending, they understand we are not lawyers and that’s comforting to be talked to like a human being. Thanks guys.

28 Oct 2017
I absolutely have had the best team working with me during this whole process from my doctors to the lawyers who came out to check on me to even the receptionist at the office everyone was amazing the only thing I wish had happened was the settlement being resolved in less than a yr I’ve been waiting Now a whole year and still haven’t completed the process but I am very glad the lawyers have tried their best to get me the top offer

31 Aug 2017

Martez Ellison

30 Aug 2017
Kanner & Pintaluga made the whole accident experience so much easier on me. They got me a fair settlement in which I am very pleased. I would highly recommend and would use them again if the need arises. Thank you.


30 Aug 2017
My experience with K&P has been fabulous so far. They've helped me get to my Atlanta appointments due to my inability to drive long distances. They are going above and beyond even before my case is finished. I'd recommend them highly! Courteous, friendly, helpful and understanding individuals always available when I need assistance. Thank You Kanner & Pintaluga!
Terry L

10 Aug 2017

Bonita Hicks

09 Aug 2017
I have had nothing but great experiences with my whole team at Kanner and Pintaluga . I love Michael Day and how down to earth he is and how he really knows back injuries as if he double majored in medicine and law! Chess has been so helpful with making sure I'm taken care of, with anything I ask! Jamal and Nana do a wonderful job as well. I really appreciate the time and effort of the whole team, as I've been with them soon to be going on two years. I know they may come off cheesy in the commercials, but they are very aggressive and have gotten me an offer far beyond my expectations already. Very pleased with their service.
Andrea Verdi

29 Jul 2017
K & P Law Firm are the best!! I'll tell you why- Micheal, Harvey & Especially Susie Q. Are the best Attorneys ever!! My case has not even been settled yet, but I have so much faith in those working diligently on my families situation that patience becomes a true Virtue. Since day one of this unfortunate accident in 2016 the staff have been very professional, Consistent, & Caring!! All my questions and concerns were addressed in a timely manner, actually quickly! I was always reassured and given a piece of mind when I didn't understand why the case was taken quite so long. Over the past year My family has faced physical, & emotional pain, fear , anxiety, worry, financial burdens and hardships behind this accident! With with the attorneys at K&P handling my case with such empathy, pride and integrity has eased most of our concerns!! I am so happy I chose K & P Attorneys being their honest , knowledgeable & trustworthy!! I would definitely recommend them to friends and family!!! I greatly appreciate Susie Q, Harvey & Micheal. Thank You all so very much for continuing to work diligently on my families case , I feel very confident with their expertise , my family will receive fair & favorable Decision at the end of this unfortunate ordeal!!
Katrina G

27 Jul 2017
K&P is a great law firm! My case manager, Alice Luben, is phenomenal. Her persistence and prompt updates regarding my lawsuit is highly appreciated during a stressful time. Often, I can be difficult to deal with and I do appreciate her patience, sincere nature, and willingness to fight on my behalf.
Marcus Ross

26 Jul 2017
I thank and appreciate this law firm, you guys have surely showed me what professional and excellence is about in handling situations that can be so difficult at times, I would say personally that you all have demostated a firm that is honest and with integrity, and you showed me how much you care about and treat your clients and representing a great standard, may God continue to bless you all and thanks a million, even though I didn't get a million lol.
Alvin Johnson

26 Jul 2017
In my opinion, the law firm of Kanner & Pintaluga provide great service. Everyone that contacted me was very professional, courteous & cordial. I really felt comfortable speaking to them. they also made things plain so they would be easily understood. I would definitely recommend their firm to friends & relatives that are in need of legal assistance.
Ms. Ollie Shelby

26 Jul 2017
Awesome service. They have worked very hard on my case.
Umayma Alexander

24 Jul 2017
This is my second time being represented by k and p and I'm very impressed with this time team 3 have keep me informed about my case handled it very professionally and I'm very pleased with the settlement so far
Edward McLeod

22 Jul 2017

Mario Springer

22 Jul 2017
I would like everyone to know that your law firm would do any and everything for their clients. Your law firm will make sure that you get everything that you deserve and that you will go to war for your clients and that I would refer anyone who needs a lawyer to call your law firm.
The King of Minecraft axb

22 Jul 2017
K&P kept me informed throughout the process, great firm and friendly associates
LaJauii Hopkins-Hunter

22 Jul 2017
Pam was great. Very understanding and thorough!!! She kept me posted every step of the way!
Melevina Hagins

22 Jul 2017
As a repeat customer of Kanner and Pintaluga, I definitely recommend them as your family's attorney. They are knowledgeable, courtesy and reachable. KP works hard to get you a maximum settlement! A representative will come to your home and\/or by your side in the hospital and they accomodate your request through out the process. Thank you K.P., your professionalism and customer service was appreciated.
Chivonne Fleming

20 May 2017
My experience has been great so far with K&P attorneys. My case manager Alice Luben was wonderful and very pleasant and kept me very up to date with the progression of my case. She also worked very hard to get the maximum amount of my settlement. Couldn't ask for more! Thanks again!
Matthew Smith

18 May 2017
Kevin and his staff were very thorough. They kept me informed of progress in my case and they did everything they said they were going to do.

18 May 2017
I love this law firm. I would definitely recommend Kanner & Pintaluga. They kept me updated on my case and called me just to check on me. I have never experienced a law firm like this. I would use them again.
Lashunte Freeman

18 May 2017
My experience with kanner and pintaluga, has been great they have kept me inform ,about everything going on with my case .I would refer them to my family and friends.
kamarri rutledge

18 May 2017
I've had the pleasure of working with Team 5 of Kanner & Pintaluga for a year now. Alice Luben who has been handling our car accident case has been nothing short of professional and timely. The form has given us peace of mind after our horrific experience of being hit and ran head first into a tree. The fact that they are genuinely interested in getting us what we deserve and not just rushing the process for a profit, has been relieving . You can tell Alice truly cares unlike most lawyers. I highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for the most professional and personal care!
Jo'el Walker

04 May 2017
Great service!
Ryan Legates

04 May 2017
Great team, extremely supportive and reliable, they really care for you and help you in everything.
Michelle Ruales

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