Verdicts & Settlements: Fall Outside Fast Food Restaurant Resolved for $950,000

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Verdicts & Settlements: Fall Outside Fast Food Restaurant Resolved for $950,000

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Cocoa, FL– Kanner and Pintaluga’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently resolved a case $950,000 for a fall outside of a fast food restaurant.

In November 2016, our client was patronizing a local fast food restaurant when she fell in an inconspicuous hole located in the landscape island next to her parking spot. As a result of the fall, our client suffered serious and permanent injuries to her neck and low back which resulted in multiple surgeries and long courses of treatment.

The investigation revealed that hole was created as a result of construction work that was being performed to the light poles in the parking lot. Moreover, it was further discovered that the work was performed by sub-contractors, whom were subsequently added as a party to the lawsuit.

The defendants attempted to argue that the hole was “open and obvious” and that our client should have seen the hole in the grass before she fell. However, our retained expert confirmed that the hole was not visible at the time of the fall because grass had grown over it, camouflaging the hole with the rest of the grass on the landscape island.

On the eve of trial, Kanner & Pintaluga trial attorney Monica Besbris resolved the matter for $950,000.

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