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Over 11 million car accidents occur in the United States per year. Tragically, those accidents result in nearly 36,000 deaths per year. When people sustain serious injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident it can be devastating.

If you have been involved in a car accident and were injured as a result, you are probably concerned about how you will pay for necessary medical treatment, repairs to your vehicle and other expenses. More importantly, you are probably worried about getting healthy again. If your loved one was catastrophically or fatally injured in an accident, you need to know what benefits you may be entitled to and how to pursue those benefits under the law.

At Kanner & Pintaluga, our attorneys understand the stress and confusion that a car or other motor vehicle accident causes to victims and their families. We have spent years litigating motor vehicle accident cases, including head-on collisions and hit-and-run accidents, and have recovered over a billion dollars for our clients. Your claim will be handled in an efficient and timely manner that achieves the results that you deserve.

Important Steps to Take When in a Car Accident

Seek prompt medical attention.

Cooperate with law enforcement and medical personnel at the scene. Clearly explain your injuries. If you are not immediately transported to the hospital, see your doctor or physician as soon as possible. Medical treatment helps to heal your injuries and also documents your injuries, which helps to build your case.

Take photographs of the scene.

Take photographs of the scene of the auto accident, all vehicles involved, and if possible, any physical injuries sustained in the accident. Taking photographs of the entire scene of the accident enables attorneys to more effectively negotiate your case.

Pay attention.

Pay attention to what the at-fault party says or admits at the accident scene. Ask the at-fault party what they believe may have caused the accident. Typically, their answers can be used in court at a later time.

Cooperate with law enforcement.
Take notes regarding what the police officer said about the cause of the accident. If the officer issued a citation, find out who the citation was issued to and the reason for the citation. If possible obtain a copy of the police report and keep it for your records.

Seek legal advice.

Do not talk to any insurance representative (except from your own company). If an insurance adjustor asks to record your answers to their questions, refuse if you have not obtained the guidance of one of our experienced attorneys first. Insurance companies often encourage you to admit some portion of fault, like conceding that you were speeding or talking on your cell phone.

Be patient.

Remember, your health is what is most important. Your injuries will take time to heal. Consistently follow the treatment plan your physicians outline with the goal in mind of becoming pain free.

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Because the attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga have extensive litigation experience, we never hesitate to go to court if necessary. Although the vast majority of our vehicle accident claims are settled out of court, we provide clients with the peace of mind that we will do what it takes to get maximum compensation.

As with all personal injury cases for our clients, there is absolutely no cost to you unless we win your case. Do not hesitate to contact an attorney at Kanner & Pintaluga if you have been injured in a vehicle accident. To schedule a consultation with an attorney regarding your vehicle accident, please call 1-800-586-5555 or feel free to contact us via email.

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

When hiring a car accident attorney it is important you find a firm that is willing to fight for you and your family. Kanner & Pintaluga have recovered over 1 billion dollars and are experienced in working against insurance companies. For more information or to schedule a FREE consultation call 800.586.5555.


Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Accidents

Receiving the compensation you’re owed as a passenger injured in a car wreck isn’t always easy. No-fault insurance laws in Florida can make things a bit complicated. You should first attempt to file a claim against the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage of the driver whose vehicle you were riding in. The driver’s PIP coverage should technically cover you as their passenger.

Some passengers might have their own vehicles or PIP coverage through a family member. If that’s the case, you can also file a claim under your own policy. Even if you do have health insurance coverage, your health insurer may require you to first seek compensation via auto policy PIP.

Florida drivers are required to carry at least $10,000 of personal injury protection and $10,000 of property damage liability. That $10,000 might not go very far if the driver and multiple passengers suffered serious injuries. Passengers may need to file separate claims against the at-fault driver. If the driver who caused the crash didn’t have injury liability coverage but the driver of the vehicle you were in did have uninsured motorists/underinsured motorists (UM/UIM) coverage, you may be able to file a claim for damages through their policy.

Being injured as a passenger in someone else’s vehicle can be extremely stressful, especially if the driver doesn’t have enough coverage for all the injuries sustained by themselves and other passengers. It may be in your best interest to speak with a Florida car crash lawyer.

The apparent severity of an accident may not be the deciding factor in whether you should seek representation from a car accident lawyer. The extent and severity of your injuries, and whether your PIP covers your medical costs, should be the primary factor to consider. Florida car accident lawyers generally won’t take cases below specific values because they work on a contingency fee basis. It’s important that you get the money you need to recover while also being able to pay for the attorney’s time and expenses. If your injuries are serious enough to justify filing a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance, it may be time to start considering car crash lawyers.

No – car accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. That means they’re paid a percentage of what they negotiate or litigate on your behalf. If they are unable to negotiate a claim payment for you or win you a verdict in court, you won’t owe them anything. Any compensation you do owe a personal injury attorney at the end of your case will be derived from the money you’re paid by the insurance company or the at-fault driver, which means the money technically isn’t coming out of your pocket.

It’s important to consider the totality of your accident-related expenses when judging the fairness of an insurance company claim settlement offer. Consider not only your current medical costs so far but also your lost wages and continuing or future medical costs. You might also be entitled to additional pain and suffering damages for the discomfort or emotional stress you’ve endured. Accepting an initial low settlement offer may result in you still having expenses after the claim payment has been used up.

One of the best ways for determining what is and isn’t a fair claim payment is to consult with an experienced car crash lawyer. They can help you calculate your current and potential future costs so you can determine what a fair payment should be.

Yes, it may still matter, especially in accidents that resulted in serious injuries. It could be argued that fault matters less in Florida than in other states for minor accidents due to our no-fault insurance laws. Every driver’s personal injury protection (PIP) coverage pays for their own injuries up to the policy limit. After the policy limit has been exceeded, the at-fault driver may be held liable for medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. Property damage is treated like other states where every driver is required to carry property damage liability coverage. The at-fault driver should pay for your car repairs or replacement up to their policy limit ($10,000 minimum property damage liability required by law).

PIP also doesn’t usually cover pain and suffering or other non-compensatory damages. It will be necessary to file a claim against the at-fault driver if you wish to pursue those types of damages.

Florida has a generous four-year statute of limitations, which means technically you have four years to file a claim or lawsuit after being injured in a car accident. In practice, waiting four years may not be the wisest or the easiest course of action. There are things you should do right away, even if you don’t file a claim immediately. You should always seek medical care as soon as possible after a car accident. It’s important your injuries are documented by a medical professional and accurately attributed to the accident. You should also document the scene and consider contacting a lawyer to definitively prove fault in a crash.

Drivers, passengers and witnesses may forget a lot over the course of four years. You might lose track of receipts from medical care or the emotional and physical injuries you incurred may fade. All these factors may make it more difficult to succeed in a personal injury claim. That’s why in most cases it makes sense to take quick action rather than wait for the statute of limitations to run out.

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