Verdicts & Settlements: $550,000 Recovered in Commercial Trucking Accident

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March 27, 2024

Verdicts & Settlements: $550,000 Recovered in Commercial Trucking Accident

Fuel tanker truck in a retention on the highway with orange panels identifying the danger and merchandise transported.

Miami, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently resolved a personal injury case for damages sustained in a commercial trucking accident.

In December 2018, while fulfilling his role as a UPS driver in the seasonal rush of Christmas deliveries, our client was navigating a U-Haul truck northbound on the Florida Turnpike. Simultaneously, a driver for a fuel company was operating a commercial fuel truck on the same route. In a sudden and unforeseen event, the fuel truck veered into our client’s lane and began to jackknife, leading to a terrifying collision in the midst of heavy highway traffic.

This accident had a profound impact on our client’s life. He suffered injuries to his wrist, back, and neck — undergoing four surgeries to address the persistent issues with his wrist. Most significantly, the injuries from this incident ended his more than 30-year tenure with UPS and forced him into early retirement.

During the investigation, the defendant driver claimed an abrupt lane intrusion by an unidentified third vehicle forced him to veer into our client’s lane. He further claimed that an attempt to brake resulted in the locking of the brakes, causing the fuel truck to lose control and jackknife. The evidence told a different story.  Despite a number of delay tactics by the defense, on the eve of trial Kanner & Pintaluga partner and trial attorney, Berkin Aslan, was able to secure a $550,000 settlement.

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