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Las estadísticas del Departamento de Transporte de EE.UU. muestran que un promedio de nueve personas por día mueren y casi 202 personas resultan heridas a causa de los camiones. Según la Administración Nacional de Seguridad del Tráfico en Carreteras, un camión grande es aquel que pesa más de diez mil libras. Un camión de 18 ruedas puede pesar más de ochenta mil libras. A menudo, estos enormes camiones comerciales pueden pesar hasta cuarenta veces más que un coche.

Las lesiones y los daños a la propiedad sufridos en accidentes de camiones suelen ser más graves que otros accidentes de vehículos debido al enorme tamaño de los semirremolques y la alta velocidad a la que suelen viajar. Si resultó herido en un accidente de camión, merece ser compensado por el alto costo de su tratamiento médico, la pérdida de ingresos actual y futura, y el dolor y sufrimiento.

Protecting Yourself After a Truck Accident

Being injured is never easy. It’s inconvenient, can disrupt your ability to earn a living and will saddle you with pain and discomfort for weeks, months or longer. Truck accidents frequently result in catastrophic injuries, which may entail a brain injury or spinal injury that results in a disability, the loss of a limb or severe and permanent scarring.

The one silver lining in a truck accident is that commercial drivers are covered by large commercial personal injury liability policies. That means you may have hundreds of thousands of dollars available to pay for your injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering if you and your legal team can prove the truck driver was at fault.

Successfully proving the commercial driver or the company they work for was at fault isn’t always easy. There are Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSA) regulations that require trucking companies to retain certain types of documents for a specific length of time, after which they can be legally destroyed. That means the trucking company can’t dispose of documents or records relevant to your case right away, but at some point in the future they may disappear.

Some trucking companies may also attempt to bend or break the rules and dispose of or delete records that could implicate them or their driver in your accident. Alternatively, they may try to delay or drag out addressing your claim until the deadline for keeping documents passes, at which point they delete the records that would help your case.

You (or in most cases your truck accident lawyer) can prevent this from happening with a legal document known as a spoilation letter. This letter essentially puts the trucking company on notice that you’ve filed a claim and that deleting any evidence after receiving the letter will open them up to additional damages and potentially even criminal prosecution.

Sending a properly worded spoilation letter can be vital in a truck accident injury claim, which is one of the reasons why it may be in your best interest to speak with a lawyer sooner rather than later.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Accidents

There’s been serious new concerns about the frequency of truck accidents due to ongoing supply chain hurdles that are increasing prices and scarcity for consumers across the country. Why are these two seemingly separate problems related?

Truck companies are struggling to maintain both their drivers and equipment. Some companies may bend federal regulations to meet the demands of distributors and consumers. For example, they may have an official policy that drivers must not exceed the 11 consecutive hours of maximum driving in a 14-hour period (plus an extra two hours in certain conditions), but at the same time they tie bonuses to delivery targets that are difficult or impossible to reach with those hour restrictions.

There might be penalties if a driver doesn’t meet certain delivery deadlines, and drivers could run into unexpected problems like traffic from construction or weather. It’s not uncommon for drivers to feel compelled to break the rules to get paid the money they need to support their families or keep their jobs.

This can unfortunately mean an increased risk for accidents and injuries for other commuters and passengers on the road.

Defensive driving is always important on the road, but it’s doubly important when you’re driving in the vicinity of large commercial vehicles. There are also some unique risks posed by these trucks due to their length and size.

One of the most obvious things you can do to stay safe is to give trucks a wide berth, especially when passing. Keep in mind, trucks will increase speed when going downhill and will require added room to make turns. Avoid attempting to pass a truck in either situation if you don’t know if you can do so safely. Don’t forget to use your indicators when you’re passing or merging near a truck.

Trucks can have much larger blind spots than some commuter vehicles. Don’t assume the truck driver can see you, especially if your car is low to the ground or you’re potentially in the driver’s blind spot. Always watch trucks closely if you do end up in their blind spot so you can react if the truck driver begins changing lanes.

Also keep in mind how much longer it can take for a loaded semi-truck to slow down or stop. Being aggressive or impatient around a truck may lead to avoidable collisions that could put you or your passengers at risk for serious injuries.

Contratar a un abogado después de un accidente de camión

Sufrir un accidente de camión no sólo puede provocar lesiones sino también un posible trastorno de estrés postraumático. Por eso es importante contactar a una firma de abogados dedicada y con experiencia que esté dispuesta a escuchar y luchar por el acuerdo que usted merece con la compañía o el seguro. Para mas informacion llame 888.283.3831 para una evaluación GRATUITA de su caso.

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