How to Avoid Slips and Falls at Work

Workplace injuries can be painful physically apart from the heap of stress they can add to your heavy workload. We’ll be there for you should you ever need it but it’s always better to avoid getting injured altogether. Here are some tips to avoid the slips and falls at work.

The Simple Stuff

It should go without saying but good housekeeping and cleanliness can help you and your company avoid workplace injuries. That means cleaning spills immediately, mopping floors and making sure no wires or cables are exposed. Chances are your company made sure all of these things were taken care of when they first opened. Years into it, with assignments and duties left and right, these types of things are often put off “for another day.” Still, taking care of the workplace environment can work wonders.

Make Sure Flooring Makes Sense

A lot of slips happen because of the type of flooring we are stepping on. When you lose friction between your footwear and the floor, you’re more likely to slip. Ask your employer to install new mats, maintain upkeep and keep an eye out for safety hazards.

Wear the Right Footwear

If you work somewhere with safety hazards or the potential for slippery floors, make sure you’re wearing the right shoes. Ensure you’re wearing the right size with proper traction on your soles and some anti-slip properties.