Verdicts & Settlements: $300,000 Settlement Reached in T-Bone Crash Case Despite Delayed Treatment

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Verdicts & Settlements: $300,000 Settlement Reached in T-Bone Crash Case Despite Delayed Treatment

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Miami, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently secured a $300,000 settlement in an automobile accident case.

In January, 2022, our client was T-boned in Miami Beach. While he didn’t immediately seek medical treatment, his pain and symptoms mounted over the next few days where he required medical treatment. Other symptoms consistent with a head injury also began and worsened over the following months. Unfortunately, the driver who struck our client was underinsured, meaning he did not have enough bodily injury coverage to cover the damages caused. Thankfully, our client had his own coverage under a provision of his policy called uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which provided him coverage for his injuries. While the insurance carrier recognized that the coverage was available and that our client was struck by an underinsured driver, it contested the damages caused. The insurer argued that our client did not have immediate medical treatment and that there was no evidence that he struck his head as a result of the crash and therefore, he could not have suffered a brain injury.

Coup-contrecoup injuries are very common in motor vehicle crashes and occur frequently with no physical external impact to the head. The brain is encased within the skull and floats in cerebrospinal fluid. Where there is a strong force to the head, it can cause the brain to move within the cerebrospinal fluid against the interior walls of the skull. The rapid acceleration and deceleration of the brain against the side of the skull can lead to serious complications of a head injury. After retaining and disclosing competent experts well educated in brain injury medicine to explain these concepts to the jury and how this T-bone collision resulted in a brain injury to our client, trial attorney and Partner Joseph Abdallah was able to negotiate a $300,000 recovery for our client prior to trial.

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