Verdicts & Settlements: Condominium Trip & Fall Case Settled for $600,000

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Verdicts & Settlements: Condominium Trip & Fall Case Settled for $600,000

Water drips onto the tiled floor

Miami, FL – Kanner and Pintaluga’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently resolved a slip-and-fall case for $600,000 for a fall that occurred in the lobby of a Miami Beach Condominium.

The condominium association and property manager were aware, for longer than a year, of a leak that caused water to drip into the lobby of a residential Miami Beach condominium. Instead of fixing the leak, the property manager for the building notified the owner of the apartment above where the leak was happening and asked them to resolve the issue. After back and forth between the owner of the apartment and the property manager, no action was taken to resolve the leak and water continued dripping into the lobby.

In January 2015, as our client was leaving his apartment, he slipped and fell requiring emergency medical treatment. For the next few months, our client endured significant and sustained levels of pain, which caused his blood pressure to rise. As a result of his elevated blood pressure, he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke resulting in a variety of neurologic issues which continue to this day. The defense contested all aspects of the case, but most significantly contested the causal relationship of the fall to the hemorrhagic stroke citing a history of obesity, high blood pressure, transient ischemic attack, smoking, and lack of exercise.

With neurological experts’ opinions conflicted on the cause of the stroke, our client’s friends and family, in deposition, were able to paint a clear picture of our client’s health before the incident, the severe pain he experienced following the fall, and the life-altering changes he endured following his hemorrhagic stroke. With trial just two weeks away, trial attorney and partner Joseph Abdallah was able to resolve the case for $600,000.

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