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The World’s Biggest Courtroom Fashion Faux-Pas

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What not to wear to a courtroom

We’re often told what to wear to court, but some courtroom frequenters may benefit from a lesson on what NOT to wear.

See-Through Anything

There are very few instances when a transparent or translucent top or skirt would be appropriate, even casually. That hasn’t stopped some people from baring it all at court, however. Winona Ryder famously forgot the courtroom rules when she wore a see-through getup in 2002.

Sexy or Crazy?

Judges expect to see defendants and plaintiffs donned in sensible attire. Therefore, an overly flashy, messy or revealing outfit won’t do you any favors in court. Unfortunately, Courtney Love never got the memo, as tube tops and high-slit skirts were common in her courtroom wardrobe.

Hats and Coats

Sure, your hat and coat may make for a stunning outfit outside, but in the courtroom you’re expected to remove outerwear. Ensure your outfit beneath the hat and coat can stand up in court.

Appropriate Footwear

Many believe footwear isn’t noticeable, but in court your entire outfit will be scrutinized. Refrain from flip-flops, sandals or sneakers. While pumps may be attractive, you probably won’t be very comfortable. Choose sensible, attractive footwear instead.

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What not to wear to a courtroom