April 2, 2022
crane collapse accidents

How Common Are Crane Collapses?

You don’t have to look that far back in time to find many examples of crane collapses in Florida. A crane collapse in Boynton Beach killed […]
March 26, 2022
daylight saving time causing car accidents

Does Daylight Saving Time Cause Injuries and Car Crashes?

Over the years, daylight saving time (DST) has gained notoriety in part due to the negative effect it has on sleep quality, car crashes, workplace injuries […]
March 19, 2022
available workers compensation in Florida

What Types of Compensation Are Available to Injured Florida Workers?

Injured workers should receive compensation for their medical care and lost wages. Different types of compensation are available depending on the severity of the workplace injury, […]
March 12, 2022
diagnoising a traumatic brain injury

How Are Traumatic Brain Injuries Diagnosed?

As one of the most delicate and vital organs of the body, injuries to the brain can be catastrophic. Sudden impacts from a car wreck, a […]
March 5, 2022
fight in a florida night club

Are Florida Bars and Nightclubs Liable for Bar Fight Injuries?

Depending on the circumstances, bars and nightclubs can be sued for injuries sustained within their establishment. Hundreds of individuals are severely injured in bar fights every […]
February 26, 2022
Man holding his head after concussion

How to Recognize a Concussion from a Car Crash or Slip and Fall Accident

February 23, 2022

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season is Less Than 100 Days Away, Start Preparing Now

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially begins June 1, which is now less than 100 days away.  It’s too early to provide a detailed prediction of […]
February 12, 2022
wrongful death of unborn children

Can I File a Lawsuit for the Wrongful Death of My Unborn Child?

State laws vary when it comes to wrongful death of an unborn child. Most states recognize wrongful death claims of an unborn child as valid but […]
February 5, 2022
signs of a bad lawyer

What Are the Warning Signs of a Bad Personal Injury Lawyer?

There’s an abundance of personal injury law firms out there, but they don’t all offer the same level of expertise and professionalism. If you’ve suffered a […]
January 29, 2022
boating accidents in Florida

Who’s Responsible for a Boating Accident in Florida?

Salt life enthusiasts in Florida enjoy an abundance of options for boating, swimming, fishing and diving. Florida’s lengthy coastline, warm weather and many lakes and rivers […]
January 13, 2022
who pays for injuries are car or truck accident

Who Pays for Personal Injuries After a Car or Truck Accident in Florida?

Each person’s own personal injury protection (PIP) insurance pays for up to 80 percent of the treatment cost for injuries they suffer in a car crash […]
January 9, 2022
the footpath is broken. the footpath is uneven

Most Common Premises Liability Injury Claims

January 2, 2022
car safety features

Do Car Safety Features Cause Injuries?

January 1, 2022
car in an accident on the side of the road

Where Are Car Accidents Most Likely to Happen?

The first six months of 2021 saw a disturbing increase in motor vehicle traffic fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 20,160 people […]
December 25, 2021
girl driving car while looking at phone

How Can You Prevent Your Teen from Driving While Distracted?

Modern-day teenagers rely on their smartphones for just about everything: calling, texting, socializing, photo sharing, watching movies, listening to music and even doing homework. Many teenagers […]