Verdicts & Settlements: More Than $600,000 Recovered from Trucking Crash on I-95

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Verdicts & Settlements: More Than $600,000 Recovered from Trucking Crash on I-95

Tampa, USA - October 4, 2021: Highway road i75 in Florida with truck vehicle for Drew transportation and sign on back for safety is part of our delivery in traffic

Boynton Beach, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently recovered more than $600,000 for a client’s injuries and damages sustained from a trucking crash on I-95 in South Florida.

In January 2018, our client was driving southbound on I-95 in Boynton Beach and slowing for traffic ahead. At that time the vehicle immediately behind him was struck by a semitruck, pushing that vehicle aside. The semitruck then struck the rear of our client’s vehicle with such force that it demolished the rear half of his car. As a result of this collision, our client sustained significant injuries requiring surgery to his neck, lower back and right shoulder.

While the semitruck driver was clearly at fault for causing this crash, both he and the company which employed him denied any liability and responsibility for causing our client’s injuries. Led by trial attorney Richard Rosenblum, our litigation team, through depositions and discovery, tirelessly prepared for trial. Regarding our twenty-three year old client’s injuries, the defendants hired one expert to give opinions that our client’s injuries pre-dated this crash and otherwise did not warrant surgery, and another expert who claimed that only less than one-third of his medical bills were reasonable. Despite these efforts to minimize our client’s injuries and damages, on the eve of trial we were able to obtain a settlement of more than $600,000.

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