Verdicts & Settlements: $1.5M Settlement Reached in Rear-End Collision Case

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Verdicts & Settlements: $1.5M Settlement Reached in Rear-End Collision Case

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Orlando, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently settled a rear-end crash case for $1,500,000.

In early 2017, our client was rear-ended by an elderly gentleman working in his capacity as a driver for a large international corporation. There was no dispute that its employee was at fault for causing this crash. As a result, our client suffered serious injuries to his left ankle, right knee, right hip, right wrist and lower back. In an effort to alleviate his pain, and in addition to a significant amount of conservative treatment, he underwent multiple surgeries to various body parts, including his left ankle, right knee, right hip and right wrist.

The company, however, disputed that our client suffered serious injuries as a result of this crash. The company further denied that our client required any surgery or that he would require future treatment for his injuries as well. In support of this contention, the company hired two orthopedic surgeons for the purpose of providing opinions consistent with its position.

Almost five years after this crash, the parties attended court-ordered mediation in November 2021. At mediation, our client was represented by KP trial attorney Richard Rosenblum. Despite the company denying causation of our client’s injuries and the need for treatment, both in the past and in the future, the parties were able to settle this case for $1,500,000.

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