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New Orleans is a city that’s all too familiar with injury and tragedy. A day doesn’t go by when someone in the city isn’t injured by a car accident, slip and fall, dog bite or workplace accident. Injuries can have dramatic and long-term consequences for the people who suffer them.

Parents may no longer be able to care for their families or even perform routine day-to-day tasks. Workers may not be able to return to their job due to a new disability or their decrease in productivity may get in the way of career advancement opportunities.

The hobbies or passions that gave the injury victim’s life added meaning and fulfillment may be lost to them. They may have permanent scarring or debilitating conditions that require them to invest in drastic home modifications to improve accessibility for people who require mobility assistance devices like wheelchairs or stair lifts.

The bottom line is many people who suffer personal injuries have their lives permanently altered and often are saddled with medical debt and new health care costs they never would have had to deal with had they not been injured in an accident.

Any type of injury like this is tragic, but they can feel particularly unfair when the injury was entirely preventable. These injuries could have been avoided had the negligent, reckless person who caused the accident simply acted responsibly and not put the personal injury victim in harm’s way.

At Kanner & Pintaluga in New Orleans, we’ve dedicated our careers to winning our clients the compensation they deserve and need to recover and move on with their lives. For some injury victims, their injuries and disabilities are permanent, regardless of how much settlement money they win, but we can still try to quantify their loss and hold the responsible parties accountable.

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Dealing with the Insurance Company

Unfortunately, the insurance company isn’t always willing to happily compensate you for your injuries and damages. It’s important to remember that insurance companies aren’t charitable organizations. They are in the businesses of safeguarding people’s property and lives, but their fundamental goal is to make money for their investors. They don’t make money by being overly generous with their claim settlements.

Insurance companies have lots of strategies they use to minimize claim payouts, which is why injury victims also need an advocate on their side to help counteract those strategies so they can get the compensation they need to recover.

The auto accident and personal injury attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga know the insurance companies’ strategies and are committed to helping injured people in New Orleans win the resources they need to get better and move on.

How We Approach Personal Injury Cases

The first step for any personal injury case involves investigation and evidence gathering. The goal of negotiation and, if necessary, litigation, is to prove the negligent parties’ reckless actions resulted in an injury and make sure that the injured client is fully compensated for their injuries.

Another important step in the evidence gathering and investigation phase is quantifying the cost of that injury, which includes the short-term treatment costs as well as the potential long-term costs, such as continuing care, mobility assistance equipment and home accessibility modifications.

There’s also the matter of quantifying the cost of things like pain and suffering. Measuring pain and suffering is something of a subjective exercise, which is hard in a legal system where most things are black and white. We pride ourselves on helping our clients get as much compensation for pain and suffering as possible

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