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Car Accident Lawyers in Savannah

Being involved in a serious car accident can have dramatic and serious consequences for your entire life. You might suffer severe injuries that prevent you from working and be forced to pay thousands in health care costs. Many people that suffer catastrophic car accident injuries are unable to return to work and must learn to live with permanent disabilities or scarring. Thousands of families lose loved ones to car accidents every year, and those families are unfairly forced to learn how to make ends meet and try to find peace with that loss.

People who have suffered greatly after car accidents, truck accidents or motorcycle accidents that were caused by someone else deserve compensation for their losses, and the auto accident attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga in Savannah want to help.

Our car crash lawyers will aggressively investigate your accident to develop the best evidence possible that the other driver was responsible for your crash. We’ll take the fight to the insurance company and forcefully negotiate for the compensation you and your family deserve for the unfair costs you’ve been forced to bear.

We prepare for every case as if it will go to trial. Most personal injury car accident cases settle before they reach the trial phase, but we’ll make it clear that we’re willing to take your case to trial if the insurance company is unwilling to offer fair compensation for your damages.

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Why the Insurance Company Isn’t on Your Side After a Car Wreck

Auto accidents in Savannah are expensive. Replacing or repairing vehicles is costly, but that expense often pales in comparison to the cost of:

  • Emergency transportation in an ambulance
  • Days, weeks or even months in the hospital
  • Emergency life-saving surgeries
  • Reconstructive and reparative surgeries
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Mobility assistance devices if people injured in auto accidents are disabled
  • Continuing care costs, sometimes for the rest of a person’s life
  • Wrongful death benefits if a family loses a loved one in a car crash
  • Loss of consortium damages

Car and Truck Accident Injuries in Georgia

Insurance companies maintain their profitability by paying the least amount of money possible on claims. The insurance negotiators often call up people injured in car, truck and motorcycle wrecks and try to convince them that they were actually responsible for the accident, or the claims adjuster will question the severity of injuries or the cost of treatment.

The insurance company may talk like they are concerned with your wellbeing, but like any profit-driven company, they’re really concerned with their bottom line. Paying you the least amount of money possible is what’s in their best interest.

That’s also why insurance companies are known for fighting especially hard when there are a lot of damages on the line. If you’ve lost a loved one or suffered auto accident injuries so severe that you may never work again, your damages will be particularly high. The insurance company has a lot of incentive to convince you to accept the least amount of money possible.

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