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Have you or a loved one been injured due to another person or business’s negligence? Are you reeling from the high medical costs your facing or struggling to make ends meet due to your inability to return to work? Every year, thousands of Americans find themselves in situations where an auto accident, workplace injury or an injury caused by a dangerous or defective product turns their lives upside down. If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury due to no fault of your own, there is free help available.

At Kanner & Pintaluga in Augusta, Georgia, we’re in the business of fighting for people who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients get the care they need to recover and the money they need to avoid financial hardship and get their lives back on track.

Unfortunately, insurance companies generally don’t make the personal injury process an easy one. They have a wealth of resources and lots of attorneys to push back against your claim. The personal injury attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga understand their strategies and are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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The Foundation of Every Personal Injury Case Is Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Before your attorneys can begin negotiating on your behalf, they first must begin building a case by gathering evidence and investigating the accident’s causes and the injuries you sustained. Our skilled accident and injury investigators know where to look and will tirelessly pursue all the relevant information in your case.

We interview potential witnesses, analyze police reports, document and collect accident pictures and video and will even bring in accident reconstruction and analysis experts to ensure we can develop a clear case proving your accident’s cause and who was culpable for your injuries.

The accident injury attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga’s Augusta office have decades of combined experience crafting effective and persuasive personal injury cases. We have an innate understanding of the information that’s most valuable and compelling, allowing us to collect relevant evidence and leverage it for maximum impact during negotiations and the trial, if it comes to that.

Taking the Fight to the Insurance Companies

After people are injured in auto accidents, it’s not uncommon for them to get a call from the other driver’s insurance company.

The insurance company knows what they’re doing – they’ve dealt with people in your situation thousands of times. They know that you have an ever-growing stack of medical bills and that your injuries may be preventing you from working, meaning you’re missing out on paychecks and the money you need to not only pay for your increasing medical and rehabilitation costs but also day-to-day expenses.

They know how anxious you’re feeling about money in this vulnerable state and that you’re more likely to agree to any settlement figure they offer out of sheer desperation.

That may sound like a pessimistic, depressing way to look at the world, but from the insurance company’s perspective it’s just business. They aren’t a charity, they’re a for-profit corporation, and the less they have to compensate you for your injuries the better it is for their bottom line.

In many cases, the best thing you can do for yourself is tell the insurance company that you’re not ready to talk about compensation. Once you’re off the phone with them, strongly consider calling an auto accident personal injury attorney.

An experienced auto accident attorney, like those at Kanner & Pintaluga, will have dealt with the insurance company’s representatives in similar situations countless times. They know the insurance company’s tricks and can talk you through the process and give you an honest assessment of your case and its prospects.

Negotiations and Court

Once we’ve gathered evidence and developed a clear and concise case that clearly proves the negligent party was acting recklessly and caused your injury, we can begin negotiating with the insurance company and their attorneys.

Going to court is a time consuming and expensive process, even for insurance companies. If they can avoid a trial by settling your case out of court they will usually do so, especially if they don’t expect to win your case before a judge and jury.

Ideally, the insurance company will realize at this point that it will be preferable to settle for a fair amount. However, the insurance company’s decision isn’t always easy and clear-cut as logic would seem to dictate. If the responsible party’s insurance company and their attorneys aren’t inclined to settle, our personal injury trial attorneys won’t hesitate to take your case to court.

Our law firm has won millions of dollars of compensation during negotiations and trials for clients throughout Georgia. They are ready to use their extensive experience to fight for the compensation you need to pay your bills, get the treatment you need and get your life back on track.

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