Kanner & Pintaluga Sponsors Hispanic Bar Scholarship Program

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Kanner & Pintaluga Sponsors Hispanic Bar Scholarship Program

Kanner & Pintaluga proudly sponsored the 2021 Broward County Hispanic Bar Association’s (BCHBA) “Broadening Horizons” Law School Scholarship Program and attended the Installation Brunch on Saturday, June 5th, 2021.

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients: Maria Mendoza, Michael Mejia, and William Solano. Kanner & Pintaluga’s individual contribution sponsored the scholarship of William Solano, a rising third year law student at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law. Despite a number of challenges, Mr. Solano has worked hard to pursue his education and has developed a passion for helping others — a hallmark of Kanner & Pintaluga. Through his volunteer work, he has assisted lower-income families with the filing of their yearly taxes, immigrant families with the filing of immigrant applications, and fellow minority students with securing grant assistance for their community service programs. Both the Firm and the BCHBA are extremely proud of Mr. Solano and everything he has done to improve our community.

“It is an honor to support this important scholarship,” said Daniel Jimenez, Chief of Staff of Kanner & Pintaluga. “Law firms, companies, and community organizations must work together to increase diversity in the legal field and support the ever-growing minority communities in South Florida and across the nation.”

A 2019 report on demographics by the American Bar Association showed only 15% of U.S. attorneys are nonwhite.  This statistic has remained unchanged over the past decade even though the minority populations in the U.S. have increased over the same timeframe.