The Importance of Life Jackets for Passengers

Life jackets may not be the most fashionable piece of boating attire, but they are essential to keep you safe while your boating. Rough waters can easily toss passengers off board leaving them in trouble. Life jackets are truly “lifesaving,” which many people don’t realize till they’re in a situation where they need one. Here is why they are so important.

What Do They Do?

Life jackets are designed to be placed around your torso or shoulders to keep your head above water. This prevents you from drowning, since your head is above water, leaving your air ways open.

They also come in a number of different sizes, styles, and colors to fit your own individual desire. Inflatable jackets are popular for boaters who do not have a lot of storage space on their boat.

How They Save Lives?

Boating accidents can occur at any time which is where life jackets come in handy. Let’s say your boat capsizes, meaning it flips over, all your passengers will be thrown off the boat. Even if all your passengers can swim, wearing a life vest will keep them safe if an event like this were to occur.

Other instances where life jackets come in handy are if you become unconscious, tossed into extremely cold water, or even thrown off balance. If there is a collision with rocks or another boat, passengers will float on the water till help comes.

Are There Requirements?

The United States Coast Guard have requirements for boaters when it comes to wearing life jackets. Each boat must have enough life jackets for each passenger on board. If the boat is small, there must be a throw-able flotation device on board. Life jackets must also be accessible and in proper condition. Life jackets that are broken or have water log damage will not work properly when in the water and should be replaced.

Under Florida law, children under 6 years of age are required to wear life jackets while on a boat. It is also important to make sure there are both child sized and adult sized life jackets on board. For life jackets to work best, proper sizing is required for every person on board.


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