Verdicts & Settlements: Nearly $500,000 Recovered in Trip & Fall Case

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Verdicts & Settlements: Nearly $500,000 Recovered in Trip & Fall Case

Middle aged couple choosing handtools in large hardware supermarket

Palm Beach, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently recovered nearly $500,000 for a client for injuries he sustained from tripping and falling inside of a hardware store.

In December 2019, our client walked into a hardware store to buy some lumber. Over the years he had made the same trip countless times but this time the company failed to correct a latent hazard. Seeing the product he wanted, he proceeded to walk around the pile of wood left in the middle of the aisle not realizing a stud was sticking out creating a tripping hazard. Unfortunately, our client did not see the protruding wood and tripped over it causing him to fall. As a result of the fall, he injured his shoulder and neck so severely that he needed to have corrective surgery in the form of a cervical fusion and a shoulder arthroscopy.

Store invitees have the right to expect store floors are properly maintained and free from tripping hazards. Naturally the insurance company for the hardware store blamed our client for his injuries. Their position was that he should have seen the wood left on the floor and that the aisle was blocked off that day. Unable to resolve the case early, we filed suit and immediately began our investigation. Discovery revealed that the store had lost the video of the fall and had no pictures from the day of the fall allegedly showing that the aisle was blocked off. Depositions further revealed the lack of training, supervision, qualifications, organization and awareness on the part of the stores employees when it came to the store’s policies and procedures for detecting potential hazards. In the end, trial attorney Mina Grace was able to resolve the case and fully compensate our client for his injuries.

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