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There are no guarantees in life, including when it comes to you and your family’s safety. You can eat right, exercise regularly, drive defensively and always look both ways before crossing the street, but you can’t make every person or business around you act responsibly and in a manner that keeps everyone safe.

We all have some basic duties to one another. When people put other people’s health and safety at risk by acting recklessly or with a disregard for the consequences – such as driving drunk, speeding through red lights or letting potentially dangerous pets run amok – they are failing to uphold those fundamental duties. If you or a loved one are hurt or killed because someone was acting recklessly, you should be compensated for the costs that arise from those actions.

In many injury cases the negligent party has some type of insurance, whether it’s auto, home or business insurance. Their insurance company should pay for your medical costs, pain and suffering, property damage and lost wages.

The insurance companies want to avoid paying for their policy holders’ mistakes, which is why they often aggressively fight legitimate claims, especially if they’re large. In many of these cases, the injured party’s only hope of getting truly fair treatment that takes into account their pain and suffering and the long-term repercussions of their injuries is to secure the services of skilled, dedicated personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin.

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Milwaukee

Kanner & Pintaluga’s attorneys in Milwaukee, WI are committed to fighting for the rights of their clients. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to competently pursue the compensation you and your family deserve. As Milwaukee personal injury attorneys, their goal is always to represent their clients with honesty, respect and dedication to win them the money they need to:

  • Pay for treatments and rehabilitation
  • Make up for lost wages or damage to your career and future prospects
  • Cover the costs of any home modifications if your injuries have resulted in limited mobility or disability
  • Compensate you for the pain and suffering you have unfairly endured

How Kanner & Pintaluga’s Milwaukee Injury Attorneys Pursue the Compensation Their Clients Deserve

Fighting effectively for clients can take a number of different forms and is highly dependent on the situation. In many cases an attorney needs to listen to a client’s story about the accident, gather all the pertinent evidence then negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company on the client’s behalf.

The way insurance companies negotiate with attorneys is unfortunately a lot different than how they negotiate with injury victims on their own. When there’s a real threat of a trial and all the costs that could entail, the insurance companies are much more likely to make fair settlement offers.

Not every attorney is willing to take a case to trial, which can put their clients at a disadvantage during negotiations. When you’re interviewing potential personal injury attorneys, it’s important to make sure they’re not just all bark.

Kanner & Pintaluga’s attorneys are proven trial lawyers willing to put in all the necessary time and expend the required effort to put together a compelling case. They will aggressively fight to prove the party responsible for your injury acted negligently and you deserve compensation.

If you’re looking for a Milwaukee personal injury attorney to represent you in an auto accident, slip and fall or workers’ compensation case, make sure Kanner & Pintaluga is one of the law firms you call for a consultation.

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