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Injuries happen to people every day. The severity and cause of these injuries can vary drastically, but some injuries, like those caused by a car wreck or in a dangerous workplace, can potentially result in permanent disability.

No one is happy to be injured, but it can feel especially unfair and wrong when an injury is caused by someone else’s reckless or negligent actions. In these types of situations, the injury victim shouldn’t be required to shoulder the burden of payment, either from an ethical standpoint or from a legal standpoint. South Carolina is clear about this fact – if your injury is caused by someone else’s negligence they and their insurance company should be held to account and compensate you for any costs that arise from your injuries.

Insurance companies aren’t generally renowned for their generosity when it comes to paying out personal injury claims. They haven’t become a billion dollars a year industry by happily paying every personal injury victim every cent they need to recover physically and financially.

For many people who suffer severe injuries, such as in an auto accident caused by a reckless driver, one of the first calls the injury victim receives is from the other driver’s insurance company. The insurance company knows that you’re likely missing out on work, losing wages and have ever increasing medical bills. They know that you’re likely desperate for money in this situation, which is why they will offer some small settlement amount that’s likely far less than the actual total cost of your injury.

You should strongly consider telling the insurance company that you don’t accept their offer and that you need to speak with a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys know all the insurance company’s tricks and understand how to effectively fight for your best interests. Once we get involved, chances are the insurance company will be much more agreeable, because they will realize you are no longer vulnerable to their attempts at manipulation.

This will let you negotiate with the insurance company from a position of strength. When they know that you’re willing to engage them in a lengthy legal battle and they know you’re legally in the right, they will be much more amenable to making a fair settlement offer.

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How to Run an Effective Personal Injury Case

Getting to the point where the insurance company will agree to a fair settlement does take some time and legwork. It’s necessary to build a strong case that clearly proves that the negligent party’s reckless actions led to your injury. We also need to show the costs of your injuries and how those injuries will impact your future and long-term health.

When we negotiate with the insurance company with all the relevant evidence, they will be much more likely to agree to fair settlement terms. Jury trials are expensive for all parties involved, including the insurance company. They won’t want to pay for those expensive trial attorneys if they strongly suspect they will end up losing in court. This lets us negotiate with the insurance company from a position of strength, which makes it much more likely that they will actually offer you a settlement offer that will cover your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and any long-term care or rehabilitation costs you may have.

Getting compensation to pay for all the repercussions of your injuries won’t fix everything or restore your life to the way it was before the accident, but it will at least give you peace of mind and help you move on with your life.

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