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Las Vegas is a busy metro area, with lots of fulltime residents and more than its fair share of tourists looking to have a good time. Some visitors have a little too much fun and overindulge, which can lead to unfortunate reckless behavior like drunk driving. Too many Americans fall victim to this behavior, and Nevada unfortunately has a slightly higher rate of drunk driving deaths compared to the national average.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident with a drunk driver, or any other type of accident caused by a negligent person or company, you deserve compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. The Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga are committed to helping injury victims win the compensation they so justly deserve for the injuries wrongfully inflicted upon them.

We are acutely aware of the frustrations and anxiety you’re feeling with your situation. No one plans on getting injured, and these unwelcome and destructive life events can turn your entire world upside down.

Many people who suffer severe injuries can’t return to work, meaning every day their normal bills like rent, utilities and daily living expenses keep piling up along with the added health care costs of treatment and rehabilitation.

It’s understandable to begin feeling desperate in these situations, but it’s important to keep a level head. When the culpable party’s insurance company calls you to settle your claim, don’t give into any urges you may have to accept their initial settlement offer. That first insurance company settlement offer is almost always going to be far less than you actually need to pay for your medical costs and make up for any wages you lost due to our injury.

Instead, strongly consider contacting a personal injury law firm. They can help you understand your options and the potential your case has for winning you the monetary compensation necessary to help you and your family move on from this situation.

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More Than Just Drunk Driving Auto Accident Attorneys

Although auto accident injuries are some of the most common types of personal injuries Las Vegas residents fall victim to, they’re certainly not the only potential hazards to contend with.

Slip and Falls / Premises Liability: You should be able to assume that you’ll be safe going about your daily life and refraining from risky behavior. The world isn’t always a safe place though, and some of the dangers result from people and businesses who let hazardous conditions persist on their property.

Potholes in a parking lot are one example of these potential hazards. It’s all too easy for an unsuspecting customer walking from their car to a business’s door to step into a pothole, trip and fall. In that scenario, the business or property owner failed in their duty to maintain a safe premise by keeping the parking lot in good condition. They also may not have posted adequate warnings of a tripping hazard, making them liable for your injuries and any costs that arise due to that injury, like medical costs or lost wages due to having to miss work.

Another example would be a landlord who doesn’t maintain a safe property for tenants. If their property has lead paint or asbestos in the building materials and one of their tenants contracts an illness or condition due to breathing in these materials, that landlord can be held liable for those damages.

Workplace Injuries: Workers’ compensation insurance is required for many businesses. This insurance is specifically intended to help workers who are injured get money for treatment and recoup lost wages. Getting the compensation you need from a workers’ compensation claim isn’t always as straightforward and easy as you’d hope. Sometimes it’s necessary to get a workers’ compensation attorney involved in on-the-job injury cases if your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance provider is being difficult during the claims process or if your employer is threatening your job security for filing a claim.

Truck Accidents: Trucking is a big, heavily regulated industry. There are a lot of safety rules imposed on trucking companies because it’s a dangerous business, not just for truck drivers but also for other motorists on the road. Semitrucks are big, heavy and can cause a lot of damage to passenger vehicles and their occupants. It only takes one second of dosing off at the wheel for a truck driver to devastate unsuspecting motorists’ lives forever. If a trucker doesn’t follow the rules of the industry or road and injures someone as a result, the trucking company should be obligated to compensate the victims for their injuries.

We Know How to Effectively Pursue Personal Injury Cases

Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are skilled trial lawyers and investigators. We know where to look to find all the compelling evidence necessary to build an airtight personal injury case. We’ll interview witnesses, gather all of law enforcement’s evidence regarding the case, analyze the accident scene and work with other professionals to clearly show how the negligent party caused your injury and what the consequences are for your life.

We take a long-term view of our clients’ situations to ensure you don’t just get the compensation you need to make up for lost wages and your immediate medical costs for treatment, but also the money you deserve for the lifelong repercussions of your injury. Some of those long-term personal injury costs may include things like:

  • Lost wages or reduced income because you can’t return to your old position or you miss out on potential career advancement due to your injury.
  • Some people who suffer severe injuries, such as brain injuries, loss of limb, spinal cord injuries or other types of disability, may require assistance for the rest of their lives. Personal injury victims in these situations don’t just need compensation to pay for immediate medical costs, they will need to receive compensation for the rest of their lives.
  • It’s hard to quantify the monetary loss of no longer being able to care for one’s family, play with one’s children or continue pursuing hobbies and passions. These pain and suffering costs should be accounted for when negotiating a settlement with the culpable party’s insurance company.
  • Some personal injury victims who are now disabled due to their accident may require expensive mobility enhancing equipment or home accessibility modifications. Having chair lifts and ramps installed in a home or widening doorways to make them wheelchair accessible can be very expensive. Specialized vans with wheelchair lifts or other features that make them drivable by people with disabilities are also significantly more costly than traditional vehicles.

Our clients can trust their personal injury attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga to thoroughly investigate their case and aggressively negotiate on their behalf for all the money they need to recover. We know all the insurance company’s tricks and are adept at counteracting them.

We also know how to identify other potentially culpable parties to ensure everyone who shares responsibility for your injury is held to account.

If the insurance company doesn’t want to reach a fair settlement agreement during negotiations, our trial attorneys will gladly take your case to a Las Vegas court. We will passionately argue before a judge and jury and aggressively pursue a verdict that will win you the compensation you need to recover and move on with your life.

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