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Serious injuries can significantly disrupt your life, preventing you from working, caring for your family, pursuing your passions and hobbies and going about your daily routine. Suffering a debilitating injury is bad enough, but knowing your injury was caused by someone else’s careless actions adds insult to injury.

People who suffer personal injuries from things like auto accidents, dog bites, defective products or slips and falls caused by improperly maintained properties deserve compensation for their preventable injuries.

Unfortunately, getting the compensation you deserve is easier said than done. Even if the person who caused the injury feels remorse and may want to pay for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, they likely don’t have the resources to do so. Medical care, especially emergency medical care, is hugely expensive.

The cost of the diagnostics, treatments and surgeries that are required for people who suffer severe injuries can quickly turn into mountains of debt. It’s usually the negligent party’s insurance company who ends up paying the settlement, but insurance companies don’t want to part with their money either. They will utilize an array of tactics to either avoid paying your claim at all or try to minimize the payment.

For example, the insurance company may:

  • Try to assign part or all the blame for your injury to you
  • Offer you far less than your claim is worth because they know you’re desperate for any money to start paying down your medical bills and expenses, even if it’s not enough
  • Drag out the claim process to make you increasingly desperate as your medical bills and other living expenses continue to grow

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How Do Personal Injury Cases Work?

The personal injury and trial attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga in Clayton have a reputation for aggressively fighting for our client’s best interests. We aren’t intimidated by the insurance company’s strong-arm tactics.

We’ve been in the business of personal injury law for a long time and we’ve seen all the tricks. Clients who call our accident law firm can expect to receive attentive, compassionate representation from a team that is dedicated to helping them get the resources and money they need to pay off medical bills, recoup lost wages and be compensated for the pain and suffering they had to endure due to the actions of a negligent individual.

How We Approach Personal Injury Cases

No cases are won without extensive, compelling evidence. Finding and compiling all the relevant information is a job best left to experienced investigators who understand the importance of various types of evidence.

At Kanner & Pintaluga, our team of attorneys and investigators collect police reports relating to your auto accident or other injuries, if they exist, as well as video and photographic evidence, witness testimony, in some cases expert opinions and any other relevant information that may help bolster your case’s chance for success.

Proving the negligent party was responsible for your injury is only half the battle. We also need to quantify as accurately as possible the monetary cost of your injury in terms of treatment and its impact on your life moving forward. In many cases, it’s hard or impossible to truly understand the extent of your injuries and the cost of future treatments that will be required immediately following your accident.

In auto accident for example, many people feel physically fine immediately after the accident. They may feel a little shaken up, but they don’t have a lot of actual pain. This partially due to the adrenaline coursing through their veins after the accident but also in part due to the types of whiplash injuries common in auto accidents. It may be days before they wake up and are struggling to move their neck or turn their head.

Even the best doctors can’t immediately diagnose the long-term prognosis for some types of injuries, like certain spine injuries and brain injuries. The injured patient may make a full recovery, or they may never be able to walk or work again. It sometimes takes weeks or even months before medical professionals can provide a reliable recovery prognosis.

In that scenario, if the injured person or their family were to accept the initial settlement offer from the insurance company immediately after the accident, they may not be able to recover additional money in the future after the permanent, life-long consequences of the injuries were truly understood.

There are hundreds of similar potential scenarios. With serious injuries, it can be hard to know how well rehabilitation will work or what the injury victim’s level of mobility will be a few years after the accident. They may end up needing to use a wheelchair for the rest of their lives, which would require ramps to be installed in their home, maybe a chair lift to reach the second floor and potentially require doorways to be enlarged to accommodate wheelchairs.

All of these things cost a lot of money, and it’s important that during negotiations with the opposition that we can clearly map out these potential costs and effectively argue that they should be covered in your settlement deal.

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