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Being involved in a serious accident can be a life changing experience. Your day starts off just like any other. You get up, get ready, get in the car, start driving to work and an instant later another driver runs a red light, and everything has changed.

Serious injuries don’t just result in short-term discomfort. People who suffer debilitating head, neck or spine injuries or loss of limb may have to relearn how to effectively function in the world, find a new career or abandon their life goals or passions.

To describe the struggle as inconvenient doesn’t give the situation the gravity it deserves. You may need help doing standard day-to-day activities, from getting in and out of bed to brushing your teeth or using the bathroom. In addition to being tedious and time consuming, adjusting to a new way of life can also be expensive.

The cost for people in these situations is further complicated by a lack of income. Many serious injury victims cannot return to their job, meaning they’ve not only lost a significant amount of mobility, freedom and independence, they’ve also potentially lost a career and the years of their life they’ve invested into it. Paying off medical bills, purchasing a new car and hiring a contractor to make home modifications to make your residence accessible for people with limited mobility is hard when you are no longer able to work.

These types of injuries and the consequences of them are never fair, but they can feel especially unjust when they are caused by someone else’s negligence. People who drive recklessly, landlords who let their properties fall into disrepair and workers and businesses that allow unsafe conditions to persist in the workplace are all examples of people acting negligently and creating conditions where someone could potentially be injured as a result.

When innocent parties suffer the consequences for reckless actions, the negligent party should be held liable for the costs that result. Their insurance should rightfully cover all your immediate medical bills, from the trip in the ambulance, the hospital stay and life-saving surgeries and treatments to the rehabilitation costs, accessibility home modifications, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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Getting the Insurance Company to Pay Is No Simple Matter

Insurance companies maximize their profits by collecting more in premiums than they pay out in claims. Their goal in any personal injury case is to pay the injured party as little as possible to settle their claim.

The insurance company will oftentimes reach out to make their initial offer while you’re just beginning to grapple with and process the situation you’re in.

The timing of this initial call is intentional. They know you’re feeling anxious about money because you can’t go back to work with your injuries and your medical bills and day-to-day living expenses like rent and utilities continue to pile up. The insurance company hopes that you’re feeling set upon and desperate enough to accept any offer of money, even if it’s far less than you need to cover the massive costs of your injury.

Even if the insurance company were trying to deal with you fairly, at this early stage of your treatment and recovery it is virtually impossible to accurately forecast the future costs of your condition. For example, people who are severely injured or disabled after a slip and fall or car accident may need to hire round-the-clock caregivers or invest in expensive accessibility equipment.

You won’t know the total costs and impacts of your injuries until your doctors and specialists are able to diagnose the extent of your injuries and accurately ascertain your chances for recovery.

How We Get the Insurance Company to Pay What You Need

We prepare for every client’s personal injury case with the assumption that it may go to trial. Hopefully we can convince the insurance company and their attorneys to settle before your case goes to court, but it’s always best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Too many personal injury attorneys aren’t willing to take that extra step, and if the insurance company thinks that your attorneys aren’t willing to go to court, they’ll take advantage of that fact during negotiations.

We always strive to negotiate from a position of strength, which means we go into talks with a plethora of compelling evidence and an airtight narrative. Our goal is to irrefutably show that the reckless party’s negligence resulted in your injury and provide well researched and reputable estimates for the cost of those injuries.

Our investigators and attorneys accomplish the first part by collecting all the evidence available, including police reports, witness testimony, accident documentation and any other information we can find relating to your accident.

We’ll then consult with your doctors and other medical professionals and specialists to determine the total estimated costs of your treatments, rehabilitation and future needs. If our client will require assistance for the rest of their life, we’ll do our best to calculate those costs as well as quantify the monetary value of their pain and suffering and lost earning potential.

Our skilled personal injury attorneys, armed with all this evidence, information and cost estimates, will negotiate with the insurance company from a position of strength and factual accuracy.

When the insurance company attorneys and negotiators see our case and how serious we are about fighting for our client, they often decide it will be faster and cheaper to offer a fair settlement rather than pay for an expensive trial that they will likely end up losing.

However, if the insurance company decides they don’t want to offer a fair settlement and would rather take the case before a judge and jury, we will already be prepared with a strong case.

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