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Experiencing a debilitating injury in Macon doesn’t just reduce your quality of life, it can leave your entire future in question. People who experience sudden severe injuries are often faced with steep immediate medical costs, but also significant rehabilitation and mobility assistance costs in the future. Some injury victims are in situations where they can no longer walk or care for themselves, which may require expensive home modifications or fulltime assistance, all of which is incredibly expensive.

There’s also the matter of lost wages. Countless injury victims end up missing out on weeks or months of work. Some of them can’t return to their career ever again, and even if they can they may not be able to perform their job at the level they were able to prior to their injury.

The same injuries and disabilities that prevent people from returning to work can also significantly impact other areas of their life. Many injury victims can no longer participate in the activities the love or continue pursuing their hobbies and interests.

Regardless of the type or extent of your injury, the Macon personal injury attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga want to help. We represent people in all types of injury cases and would be happy to discuss your situation during a free consultation. If your injury prevents you from getting to our office, we have no problem coming to you.

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Why Is It Hard to Get Compensated After an Injury?

If your attorneys file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver who injuries you in an auto accident, your attorneys won’t technically be fighting the negligent driver’s attorneys, they will be going up against that driver’s insurance company and their attorneys. It is the negligent party’s insurance company who will be paying the money to settle your claim, so it’s in their interest to fight your claim, regardless of its legitimacy.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that are primarily concerned with their bottom line. Anything they have to pay you for your injury is going to negatively impact their profits. In a scenario where you have significant medical costs, lost wages and may have high ongoing care costs for the rest of your life, the insurance company has a lot of motivation to fight against your claim.

Insurance companies have a lot of experience minimizing the cost of claims like yours, and they have an army of attorneys to help them do it. That’s why so many injury victims call personal injury law firms like Kanner & Pintaluga in Macon. We know the insurance company’s strategies and how to counteract them to give your case the best chance at success.

We aren’t afraid to take on the deep pocketed insurance companies and fight for our clients.

Why Is Investigation So Important to Personal Injury Cases?

In order to effectively negotiate a settlement or take a claim to court, it’s vital to have all the evidence necessary to paint a clear picture of the events that led to your injury and the ultimate results. We need to be able to prove the negligent parties are responsible for your injury and provide reputable medical evidence to clearly show the impact of those injuries on your life.

That’s why it’s so vital we’re able to begin our investigation as soon as possible after an injury occurs. Witnesses who may be able to provide valuable testimony about what happened will always have sharper recollection of the event in the immediate aftermath rather than months or years later. We also want to be able to get records from your doctors and have clear testimony regarding the short- and long-term consequences of your injury.

When armed with accurate evidence and a clear timeline of events, actions and consequences, even the most well-funded insurance company defense teams struggle to shift blame away from the negligent parties.

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