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Hurricane Damage and Personal Injury Attorneys in Tampa

Residents of Tampa have the right to safety and security, including the assumption that they should be able to walk down a sidewalk, drive, shop and live without undue physical risk. Properly insured homeowners in Tampa also have a right to peace of mind knowing that if disaster strikes and their home is damaged by elements their insurance covers, that their claim should be honored.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out as planned. People get in auto accidents through no fault of their own. Pedestrians legally crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk sometimes become the victims of negligent drivers. Shoppers may be injured on the unsafe premises of a retailer or by the unsafe, defective products they unsuspectingly purchase. And homeowners affected by hurricanes sometimes have their claims denied even though the damage their home suffered should be covered by their policy.

In situations like these, it’s the Tampa property damage and personal injury attorneys at law firms like Kanner & Pintaluga that step in to fight for the victims of these injustices. We understand how angry and powerless people in these situations can feel, and what they often need the most is an advocate in their corner who is willing to fight for what is right. Our attorneys are ready to be that advocate for you.

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Hurricane Damage Attorneys in Tampa

If you’re a Tampa area homeowner who has dutifully paid your homeowners insurance over the many years you’ve owned your home, then you should be able to rest easy knowing that if hurricane-force winds ravage your home that your insurance company will foot the bill for repairs. That, unfortunately, isn’t always how things turn out.

There are some types of damage that are explicitly excluded from your insurance policy, such as certain types of flood damage. But as we know in Tampa, storm surge isn’t the only damaging aspect of a hurricane, and there are many potential home damages that can occur during a hurricane that should absolutely be covered by your policy.

When your insurance company tries to deny a legitimate claim for hurricane damages that should be covered, you deserve an advocate who is going to aggressively pursue the settlement your need to repair. The hurricane damage and property damage attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga’s Tampa office are ready to be that advocate.

We will conduct a detailed investigation of your situation, the damage, your insurance policy and the insurance company’s action in your case. We’ll even work with third-party independent claims adjusters to make sure we have the evidence we need to go back to the insurance company and effectively argue that the damage to your home should be covered under your policy.

Auto Accidents, Workers’ Comp and Other Types of Personal Injury in Tampa

When someone acts negligently, ignoring the duty they have to their fellow citizens, and someone else is hurt because of their actions, the negligent person or company should be responsible for paying the costs of the resulting injuries. Getting the responsible party, or their insurance company, to pay for medical costs and lost wages isn’t always an easy matter.

  • The first thing we do after we’ve been contacted by someone who has suffered a personal injury or wrongful death in their family is begin collecting evidence and investigating the case. We compile medical records, police report, interviews with witness, accident scene photos and any video that may be available.
  • We work with our clients to develop an accurate narrative of the event, the consequences of their injury and the totality of what it cost them – from lost wages, medical costs and the cost of rehabilitation to the struggles they now face due to their injury, like no longer being able to care for their family, find gainful employment or pursue the hobbies they enjoyed prior to their injury.
  • We take the evidence and the costs and consequences of the injury into negotiation with the opposition’s insurance company and lawyers. At this point, when faced with the extensive evidence and information our investigation has uncovered, many insurance companies decide it’s going to be more affordable to simply settle and pay you what you need to recover.
  • If the insurance company would rather go to court, we’ll vigorously prepare for trial. Our attorneys will make your case before a judge and jury and fight for the verdict you deserve and need to recover.

Our personal injury law firm in Tampa is experienced with all types of personal injury cases, and we’re ready to fight for you.

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