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If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, slip and fall, by a dog bite or anyone or anything else, or your home was devastated by one of Florida’s notorious hurricanes, you may not know what you need to do to recover financially.

Do you call the insurance company? Are you just going to be stuck dealing with the monetary consequences and live with the results? Or should you speak with an attorney?

If you were injured due to another person’s negligence, like an irresponsible dog owner let their aggressive pet run around without a leash and you were bitten, or a drunk driver hit your car, it’s in your best interest to speak with an attorney.

As citizens and community members, we all have a legal duty to one another, specifically to do no harm. When people act negligently and without regard for the potential consequences their actions can have for others, they can be held financially accountable when other people are injured due to those actions.

For example, if there’s a spill in a grocery store, the store and its employees have a responsibility to clean it up as soon as possible to prevent people from slipping and falling. If they fail to do so and their inaction results in someone else’s injury, they can be held liable because they could have prevented the slip and fall as well as the ensuing consequences that event has on the injured party. The same can be said for dog bites and many auto accidents and boat accidents.

Property damage claims, such as hurricane damage claims, are a little different, but they too are rooted in the idea that someone owes you a duty – in this case the insurance company. As a homeowner you may have paid your premiums for years or even decades and you expect those payments entitle you to coverage should a disaster strike, such as a hurricane.

Unfortunately, many policyholders find when they file their claim that the damage their homeowners insurance protects them from is supposedly not covered by their policy.

There is a combination of factors potentially at play here. Insurance companies intentionally exclude certain types of damage from their coverage to avoid having to pay out too much after a disaster such as a hurricane, but sometimes human error plays a part as well.

Not all claims adjusters are equal in skill and knowledge, and they can make mistakes, especially in the aftermath of a hurricane when they are overworked and more prone to errors. There are also situations where insurance company salespersons may unintentionally or intentionally misrepresent the policy a policyholder is purchasing to make a sale. The policyholder then gets a nasty surprise when they discover their home’s damage isn’t covered.

Filing an insurance claim after a hurricane is complicated, and a cursory glance at the damage may not adequately explain the true source of damage.

Although certain types of flood damage may not be covered by your policy, wind damage may be. Therefore, wind-driven rain is a source damage that may not be excluded from your policy, and if your wind-driven rain damage is mischaracterized as flood damage your claim may be wrongfully denied.

These are the types of situations where a property damage attorney may be able to help get you the compensation your insurance entitles you to receive.

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Our Approach to Property Damage and Personal Injury Cases

The attorneys at Kanner & Pintaluga in Bonita Springs understand what you’re going through, because they’ve helped thousands of people in similar situations. As people who live and work in this community, we’ve seen the devastation hurricanes can cause firsthand, and we’ve seen how a denied claim can bring people to near financial ruin.

We’ve also been on the front lines of many unjust injury cases where our clients have been grievously injured due to no fault of their own and then struggle to pay medical costs and daily living expenses because they can no longer work.

Our law firm is committed to helping people in these situations. We want to be the advocate our neighbors can rely on when life goes wrong and they’re getting shortchanged in the aftermath.

We thoroughly investigate each client’s case, gather all relevant evidence and negotiate with opposing counsel to get the compensation our clients need to make things right. If the other side’s insurance company doesn’t want to offer a fair settlement, we have no problem taking the case to court for a judge or jury verdict.

If you need help getting your life back on track after hurricane damage has ravaged your home or a personal injury has put you out of work and turned your life upside down, give us a call.

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