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Suffering a personal injury, whether it takes the form of a car accident injury, workplace injury or any other type of injury, can disrupt your entire life. The most stressful aspect of dealing with an injury is likely the logistical and monetary hassles. You may have a huge bill from the hospital, along with significant rehabilitative costs to look forward to in the near future. Add on top of that the cost and hassle of replacing your vehicle if you were injured in an auto accident.

Your injury may also prevent you from returning to work for weeks or even months. Depending on your job duties, you may even be in a position where you can no longer perform the job you had before your accident.

How are you supposed to pay your mounting medical bills plus make ends meet for you and your family by paying for things like housing, food and utilities when you can’t return to work?

These types of injuries understandably make people feel helpless and like they have few viable options. Kanner & Pintaluga’s Birmingham personal injury attorneys are here to help you regain stability by fighting for the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills and ongoing costs of care as well as recoup any wages you may have lost due to your injury.

We understand your situation because our attorneys have helped thousands of clients deal with the same struggles following workplace injuries, auto accident injuries and slip and fall injuries. Our injury law firm would be happy to discuss your case with you during a free consultation. We can even come to you if your injury makes travel to our offices inconvenient or impossible. Give us a call at (800) 586-5555 to start returning your life back to normal.

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How Our Alabama Personal Injury Attorneys Fight for Injured Clients

Research and Record Gathering

The first step in any personal injury case is gathering together any documentation of the accident that exists. This is everything from medical records and medical bills to any insurance company communications and your policy information. Having this information will give your personal injury attorney a starting point for understanding the scope of your case and your situation and immediate needs.

Injury Investigation

After preliminary information has been gathered, your attorneys will begin gathering as much information as possible from every available source. Police reports, accident photos, nearby security camera footage – anything that’s relevant to the case will be collected. The goal is to create a compelling and accurate narrative that paints a picture of your injury and how the negligence of a person, business or government agency led to it.

Negotiation and Trial

Your Birmingham personal injury legal team will use the information they’ve gathered to negotiate with the responsible party and their insurance company. In many situations, the insurance company’s defense team will view the evidence, realize they don’t stand a good chance in court and decide it will be more affordable for them to simply pay you a fair settlement offer rather than shoulder the cost of trial.

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