Why Do Dogs Bite?

Dogs are one of the most loved pets in the world. Unfortunately, dogs can become dangerous when they bite other dogs, animals, or humans. Depending on the size, breed, and strength of the dog will determine the severity of their bite. As a dog owner or someone around dogs often, it is important to understand the reason why dogs bite in the first place.

Threatened, Startled, or Scared

Dogs who feel any sort of threat towards them will become defensive. It is part of any animal’s nature to defend themselves in a situation where the feel they need to. Some of the situations where a dog may feel threatened are an invasion of their territory, an attack towards them, or an attack towards their owner.

Stressful Situation

Believe it or not, dogs can become stressed out just as humans do. If a dog feels overwhelmed, they may use biting to handle that stress. Dogs are more likely to bite in unfamiliar places or situations.

Feel Sick

It can be difficult to tell when a dog isn’t feeling well. You can usually tell if they are physically sick. Some dogs may not show any signs and will use biting to express their pain. If you suspect your dog’s biting is from them feeling sick, it is best to bring them to the vet.

Excited or Playing

Most dogs love to play whenever they get the opportunity to. For families with dogs, you may find that your dog bites your children while playing. Dogs do not understand the the difference between playing with children or adults. When dogs play, they may seem aggressive because they want to win. When a dog is too aggressive while playing, it is best to try and train them to avoid any serious dog bite injuries from occurring.

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