Verdicts & Settlements: $910,000 Recovered in Rear-End Crash Involving Rideshare Driver and Off-Road Vehicle

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Verdicts & Settlements: $910,000 Recovered in Rear-End Crash Involving Rideshare Driver and Off-Road Vehicle

Oct 10, 2019 Mountain View / CA / USA - Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicle offering rides for UBER and LYFT in San Francisco Bay Area

Palm Beach, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently resolved a personal injury case stemming from an automobile rear-end collision.

In early 2017, our client, a rideshare driver with a passenger on board, was stopped at an intersection to yield to cross traffic. While at a complete stop, our client’s vehicle was suddenly rear-ended by a large off-road vehicle with a reinforced steel bully bar installed on the front bumper. The damage to our client’s vehicle caused by the impact was substantial, but the damage done to his spine was life changing. As a result of those injuries, our client had to endure constant medical treatment and undergo two invasive surgeries on his spine.

The defendant driver accepted responsibility for causing the crash, but their insurance coverage for bodily injury was the minimum allowable by law. Unfortunately for our client, that minimum coverage was negligible in comparison to the mounting medical expenses that had already been incurred, as well as the diminished quality of life resulting his injuries. Fortunately, our client was also covered by his own underinsured/uninsured motorist (UM) insurance policy, and he believed his insurance carrier would do the right thing and help him in this time of great need. Unsurprisingly, the UM insurance carrier rejected our client’s claims. After retaining Kanner & Pintaluga, the Firm’s personal injury trial team, led by Howard Kanner, suit was filed against both the defendant driver and our client’s UM insurance carrier.

After years of litigation, trial attorney Berkin Aslan obtained a total recovery of $910,000 on behalf of our client to compensate him for the significant and permanent injuries caused by the defendant driver’s negligence.

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