Verdicts & Settlements: $500,000 Policy Limits Paid in Commercial Vehicle Head-on Crash

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Verdicts & Settlements: $500,000 Policy Limits Paid in Commercial Vehicle Head-on Crash

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Tampa, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently recovered the remaining policy limits for our client who was struck head-on by a commercial vehicle pulling a trailer.

In July 2017, a commercial truck with a trailer designed to transport horses was following the vehicle in front of it too close for rainy conditions. When the vehicle traveling in front of the commercial vehicle began making a right turn, the driver had no time or opportunity to slow or stop. As a result, the commercial vehicle turned into oncoming traffic and collided head on with our client who was traveling in the opposite direction. As a result, our client was extricated from the vehicle and airlifted to the hospital where he treated for multiple rib fractures, contusions and lacerations including a contusion on his lung, a brain bleed, and orthopedic injuries of the neck and back.

Defense counsel argued that the truck driver was not negligent, but instead, that the vehicle in front of it stopped short leaving no opportunity to avoid a collision. However, after deposing the driver and passenger in the vehicle in front of the commercial vehicle, it became clear that the defendant driver had been tailgating their vehicle, leaving himself no opportunity to slow or stop to avoid a collision. The driver of the vehicle in front of defendant driver testified that the truck was following so closely that she could not even see the driver of the vehicle from her rear view mirror because he was so close and sitting up in a tall commercial vehicle. When she saw that he was following so closely, she made sure to put her turn signal on far earlier than she otherwise would have to alert that truck driver that she was going to turn. Trial attorney and partner Joseph Abdallah retained an accident reconstruction expert that would have demonstrated that truck was following too closely, placing everyone around him in danger. After litigating for five years, Mr. Abdallah was able to recover the remaining policy to cover our client’s damages.

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