Verdicts & Settlements: $450,000 Settlement Reached in Back Up Collision

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November 15, 2021
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Verdicts & Settlements: $450,000 Settlement Reached in Back Up Collision

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Boca Raton, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently settled a personal injury case stemming from an automobile collision where the defendant driver failed to yield to a vehicle while backing up.

Everyone has the right to expect that drivers will check behind them before backing up and yield to traffic already on the road. In November 2019, our client was in eye-shot of his home and was preparing to pull in to his driveway when all of a sudden another driver backed out of their driveway and crashed into our client’s vehicle.  Unfortunately, the crash not only damaged the car, but our client’s body was thrown against the B-pillar, causing injuries to his neck, shoulder, knee and lower back. As a result of these injuries, our client began a course of life-changing medical treatment that ultimately lead to him having neck surgery.

The defendant’s insurance company, took a hard line — contesting how such an crash could cause our client’s injuries — and only offered $23,000 pre-suit.  Unable to resolve the matter, our Personal Injury Litigation Team led by Howard Kanner immediately filed suit. Aggressive discovery and depositions pushed the defendant and his insurance company into a corner. Records produced during discovery revealed that it wasn’t a coincidence that our client started to have all these problems after the crash and there was no other possible explanation. After nearly a year of intense litigation, trial attorney Mina Grace was able to negotiate a $450,000 settlement for our client.

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