Verdicts & Settlements: $400,000 Settlement Reached in Rear-End Crash Involving Moped and SUV

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Verdicts & Settlements: $400,000 Settlement Reached in Rear-End Crash Involving Moped and SUV

crashed scooter after road accident

Naples, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recently settled a personal injury case stemming from an automobile rear-end collision where the defendant driver was operating a large SUV.

In February 2020, our client was operating his friend’s moped on Collier Blvd. in Naples on his way to work as a maintenance man. The defendant, who was driving behind our client, carelessly rear-ended the moped causing our client to sustain permanent injuries to his face, mid-back, hand, and knee. After a brief hospitalization, our client’s ongoing medical treatment was sparse.

The defendant hired two medical doctors to opine that our client did not sustain any injuries in the crash. After deposing the two defense doctors, it was discovered by Kanner & Pintaluga’s Senior Trial Attorney, Matt Levy, that these doctors had not been provided with all of our client’s medical records by the defense counsel, and that their opinions were therefore suspect. Mr. Levy was then able to get the defendant to agree to a settlement of $400,000 shortly before trial to resolve the damages caused by the crash.

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