Verdicts & Settlements: $292,500 Recovered for Client in Central Florida Rear-End Collision

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Verdicts & Settlements: $292,500 Recovered for Client in Central Florida Rear-End Collision

Close Up Of Two Cars Damaged In Road Traffic Accident

Orlando, FL – The Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation Practice recovered $292,500 for a client stemming from a Central Florida rear-end collision.

In September 2016, our client was making his early morning commute to work on I-4 in Orlando. As he began to slow down for the traffic ahead, his morning commute was unexpectedly cut short when he was rear-ended, not once, but twice, by two separate vehicles just moments apart from each other.

As a result of the dual impacts, our client suffered serious and permanent injuries to his neck and low back. Due to the negligent drivers’ actions, Kanner & Pintaluga’s personal injury trial team, led by Howard Kanner, filed suit against both drivers and their insurers.

The client’s permanent injuries were undisputed by all parties. After more than five years of litigation, the case reached the top of the trial docket. On the eve of trial, trial attorney Monica Besbris was able to recover a total settlement of $292,500 from both defendants responsible for the crash.

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