Unavoidable Motorcycle Accidents

Various accidents take place on the road, including auto accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, millions of motorcycle accidents occur each year in the United States, resulting in minor to severe injuries and damages. As riding motorcycles has become increasingly widespread over the years, the number of accidents has also increased. Although auto accidents are detrimental, motorcycle accidents often cause more injuries and physical damage, due to the lack of protection motorcycles provide. Injuries that are caused from a result of motorcycle accidents tend to be severely more detrimental. In motorcycle accidents, even if an accident does not cause a fatality, the injuries can still be life-altering. In order to gain clarity for the major causes of motorcycle accidents, the question of whether or not motorcycle accidents are avoidable is explored.


Lack of Visibility

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is that motorcyclists are often difficult for many drivers to see, along with other vehicles, to see. Because motorcycles are small, they take up a minimal amount of space on the road, which is often overlooked when drivers glance at their mirrors. Even more dangerously, if drivers are distracted by their  phones or other passengers, they may completely miss the opportunity to see the motorcycle. In order to increase visibility, experts advise motorcyclists to wear vibrant clothing. Experts also advise motorcyclists to allow plenty of space for vehicles, which would increase reaction time for surrounding vehicles. When it comes to preventing an accident from occurring, defensive driving techniques may only be so effective. It is more effective to be an aware driver, than a defensive driver.



One important concept to remember is that braking on a motorcycle feels much different than braking in a car. On a motorcycle, if the motorcyclist jams on the brakes rapidly, the bike can flip-over or lock-up the rear wheel, causing the motorcyclist to lay the bike down. This scenario is severely dangerous for the biker, introducing the huge potential for an accident and life-altering injuries to occur.


Although various aspects of driving a motorcycle introduce dangerous situations to motorcyclists and others on the road, there are various advantages to buying a motorcycle. Motorcycles are relatively inexpensive to buy, and they are a form of transportation. Furthermore, if people are tight on money, they may drive a motorcycle simply to get from point A to point B. In addition to the inexpensive costs of motorcycles, they also require less fuel than other vehicles. Requiring less fuel is also an economic saving for the driver. Florida, specifically, introduces additional benefits to motorcyclists. Florida has pleasant weather nearly all year long, which makes riding a motorcycle more enjoyable to some. Florida is also the host of large biker events each year, which creates a large community of bikers within the Sunshine State. Another reason motorcyclists are common in Florida is the relaxed helmet laws, compared to other states. Unfortunately, the relaxed nature of Florida helmet laws results in more detrimental injuries in the state, as riders are not as protected if wearing a helmet was legally required.


In order to promote safety when riding a motorcycle, various safety precautions can be taken. One safety step is to undergo training. Go through all of the training options that are available, and then some more. Training classes may include track classes, dirt classes, advanced street riding, and wheelie classes. Guided, organized, and safety minded instruction will be beneficial, as it adds to your experience and skill set for riding and controlling a motorcycle. Safety step number two is to always maintain a safe following distance. Leave as much following distance as possible when following behind other drivers and vehicles on the road. The more following space provided, the more reaction time you will have to respond to other driver behavior and road hazards that may appear in a split second. The third, and perhaps one of the most obvious safety tips is do not ride impaired. If you drink, take medication, or drive sleep deprived, this significantly increases the potential of impacting your driving skills, and thus resulting in an accident. Stay off your bike if your judgement, perception, and thinking ability is impaired in any way.


Another safety tip to prevent motorcycle accidents is to avoid driving at night. In some states, nocturnal animals are on the road, including deers. Animals can appear on the road at any time, and it is nearly impossible to predict their movements. If you ride a motorcycle, riding between dusk until dawn will inevitably pose more danger to you, that could have been prevented. An additional, somewhat obvious motorcycle safety tip is to ride slower. Because motorcycles are small, driving fast may seem easy. However, the faster you drive, the less reaction time you will have, increasing the likelihood of an accident. The final safety tip when operating a vehicle is to gear up every time. Wear all of the protective gear that is available to you, including layered clothing, a helmet, and gloves. Protective clothing is likely to minimize injuries, especially in minor accidents.


Riding a motorcycle can be a fun, exhilarating experience. Some debate whether motorcycle accidents are avoidable or not. Consistent factors that may lead to motorcycle accidents include lack of visibility, and braking, as braking on a motorcycle is entirely different than braking in a car. Riding a motorcycle has some advantages, including lower costs for the bike and fuel, enjoying the weather, and relaxed helmet laws in Florida. In order to prevent motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists are advised to undergo training, always maintain a safe following distance, never drive impaired, avoid driving at night, ride slower, and wear all protective gear. If you become involved in a motorcycle accident, hire a personal injury attorney to discuss the potential compensation you may be entitled to.


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