Top 3 Dog Breeds Involved in Biting Accidents

Every dog breed has different levels of aggression. Some dog breeds are more reserved while others have a more aggressive temperament. Many factors go into a dog’s behavior such as how well they are trained, treated, and socialized. The dog breeds listed can be some of the most loving animals, but also can be very dangerous if not trained properly. All three breeds have been involved in the most biting accidents according to the 2016 Dog Bite Statistics.

Pit Bull 

Pit bulls are at the top of the list for being involved in the most dog bite accidents in 2016. Unfortunately, pit bulls are involved in a lot of serious injury and fatality incidents across the country. This dog breed has been used as a fighting dog. They have a very strong jaw and may not let go when they bite.

Though these dogs have a bad reputation, there are many people who own and love them. People who own pit bulls may never have a problem with their dog at all but they can become very aggressive around strangers. It is extremely important to start training this breed at a young age to reduce its aggressive nature.

American Bulldog 

The American bulldog was involved in the second most bite and fatality accidents last year. This breed is much like the pit bull, as it is protective of its owners, has a lot of energy, but can also be very aggressive if not trained properly.

American bulldogs are known to get along well with children if they are socialized with them at a young age. This dog can be easily trained and makes a great family pet despite the high amount of biting incidents this breed has been involved in.


The third most aggressive dog breed is the rottweiler. This breed is also very protective of its owners, but also can be very lovable dogs. Rottweilers enjoy having a lot of room to run and play. Rottweilers are also very smart which makes them easy to train.

It is important to give them attention and love to keep them under control. Rottweilers who are not trained can be very dangerous which is why they are on the list for being the most aggressive breed. Be cautious when you first meet a rottweiler in case they become protective. You never know how well a dog has been trained, so do not approach them without consent from their owner.

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