Top 3 Most Common Workplace Injuries


Slip & Falls

Whether you work a desk or a heavy manual labor job, the potential for getting injured while working is always possible. Here are the top three most common workplace injuries that occur on the job.


Slips and Falls

Your walking to the kitchen to refill your coffee cup, there is a puddle of water on the floor and you slip. Depending on how you land, you can become seriously injured. The most common injuries from slip and fall accidents are typically sprains, broken bones, and concussions. 
Make sure to always be aware of your surroundings. If you see any small objects or wet spots on the floor in your workplace, clean it up or notify other employees before someone gets hurt.

Overexertion from Handling Materials

If you are a retail worker, auto mechanic, or work any other manual labor position, you understand the large amount of carrying and lifting you may do throughout the day. Over time, this can cause potential injury for those who push themselves past their limit on a daily basis. 
For those who carry, lift, fill, or empty materials daily, it is important to only handle what you can. If a box is too heavy to carry use a dolly or ask another co-worker for help.

Fallen Objects

Any job that has materials in high places has the potential for injury. For construction and factory workers this type of injury may occur often. Even if you work in an office and something falls on top of you from a shelf, it can be very dangerous.
The effects of fallen objects can cause injuries to the head, back, or other bones depending on the weight of the object. Always be aware of your surroundings and carefully use ladders to access materials that are out of reach. 
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