Tire Pressure Guide: What You Need To Know

Tire pressure is an important part of properly maintaining your vehicle. Without proper tire pressure your vehicle’s tires could burst or deflate, leaving you with a flat tire or in an accident. So how do you properly take care of your car’s tire pressure? Our tire pressure guide will tell you all you need to know!

Check Tire Pressure in the Morning

The best time to check your vehicles tire pressure is early in the morning before you drive your car. When your tires warm up after driving your vehicle around, you will not get an accurate reading because the pressure will increase. When it is too cold outside the tire pressure tends to decrease. Tire pressure should be checked once a month to ensure your tires will perform properly.

The best way to check your tire pressure is by buying a tire pressure gauge at your local mechanic store. As pictured to the right, tire pressure gauges show you the current air pressure in your tire.

Know Your Tires Recommended Pressure

Each vehicle has a different amount of air pressure required for its tires. You can find out your vehicles necessary tire pressure number by checking the manufacturers recommended PSI. Having the right tire pressure will provide longer life for your tires, a smoother ride, and better steering. Make sure to write down the recommended PSI number for your vehicle so you won’t forget it next time you check your tire pressure.

Do Not Over Inflate or Under Inflate

One thing you should never do is over inflate or under inflate any of your vehicle’s tires. If one of the tires does not have the correct pressure you risk premature tire wear and even possible tire failure, such as a blowout. Fill your tires to the correct PSI and carefully put the cap back on the tire pressure valve. Having the correct tire pressure will reduce the chances of you getting into an accident.

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