Theme Park Safety for Your Kids

Each year, millions of Americans visit theme parks for entertainment. Theme parks and amusement parks are meant to create fun, memorable experiences for all. Theme parks are notorious for their thrilling rides, interactive games, virtual sports, and yummy treats. Kids, teenagers, and adults alike look forward to theme parks, as a way to enjoy and have fun. As a parent, it is important to be aware of the risks of theme parks, ensuring your kids have fun in the safest way possible. Because children are typically excited to be at theme parks, they may behave impulsively, creating a higher risk that they become injured. In order to avoid injury and promote the most fun for everyone, the following theme park safety tips for your kids are discussed.


Tip #1: Business Cards

Collect a few business cards from your hotel, and give them to your kids to keep. In case your child gets injured or separated from you, they can use the business card to call the hotel, or tell an adult to locate the hotel with the address.


Tip #2: Comply with Rules

Each ride should have listed age, height, weight, and health requirements posted. If your child does not meet these requirements, do not allow them to ride the ride.


Tip #3: Stay inside the ride at all times

Place hands, arms, legs, and feet inside of the ride at all times. Tell your child to ride appropriately, and not throw their arms, legs, hands, or heads outside of the ride as it is moving.


Tip #4: Secure items

Secure all personal items as soon as you enter the ride. Personal items that must be secured include wallets, cell phones, sunglasses, change, and hats.


Tip #5: Remain seated

Once the ride comes to a stop, children may feel excited to stand up and make their way toward the next ride. It is important your child remains seated until the ride comes to a complete stop, and the ride operator has instructed that it is time to exist the ride.


Tip #6: Use safety equipment

Depending on the ride, different safety equipment is available for riders to use. Whether the ride has seat belts, safety bars, and/or harnesses, utilizing all safety equipment possible will ensure each rider remains safe at all times. Never wriggle free or loosen restraints.


Tip #7: Make sure your child understands

Adults should make sure their children understand and abide by safety tips, with appropriate ride behavior. It may be effective to discuss safety tips before you arrive at the park, so that your child understands completely, and was informed early on. Remember, it is never acceptable to force anyone to ride an attraction, especially a child.


Theme parks and amusement parks create some of the best memories for children. Many would agree that theme parks are the best way to let loose, spend time with loved ones, and make lifetime memories. As a way to promote safety, give your child your hotel business card, ensure they comply with the rules, remain inside of the ride at all times, secure personal items, remain seated until the ride stops fully, use all safety equipment, and make sure your child understands all safety tips. If you or your child become injured at a theme park, immediately tell the closest employee, seek medical attention, and file an accident report with theme park management. Keep copies of all documentation that is reported, for your personal records, in case you wish to file a claim. If you wish to file a claim due to theme park negligence, which caused your child to become injured, contact a personal injury attorney with extensive experience in theme park accidents. An effective personal injury attorney will work with you through the process, explaining any questions you may have, working diligently to get you the compensation you are entitled to.


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