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August 26, 2018

SUV Driver Slams Into Elderly Homeless Man on Andrew Higgins Boulevard

The New Orleans Police Department has released a video clip revealing how an elderly homeless man was almost crushed to death after being struck by an SUV. The victim was standing at the shoulder of a street to observe a red light when the accident happened on Andrew Higgins Blvd, near Cochon Butcher. Troopers […]
August 17, 2018

Bus Crashes Into Elderly Gardener On E. Rich Avenue

A 65-year-old gardener has been struck by a bus after the vehicle lost control, the Florida highway Patrol has confirmed. The victim was said to be trimming flowers outside a house when the accident happened on E. Rich Avenue, near the BYTE a Modern Bistro. FHP said a man was driving a Volkswagen bus […]
August 15, 2018

Elderly Worker Falls Into Oil Truck After Vehicle Crash On N 13th Street

An elderly man has been taken to the hospital after a vehicle lost control and slammed into the crate he was standing on causing him to fall into an oil truck, the Baton Rouge Police County has confirmed. The victim, along with coworkers, was emptying the oil from an oil truck when the crash […]
August 12, 2018

Elderly Motorcyclist Struck To Death Following a Truck Accident in Orange County

An elderly motorcyclist was struck to death when his motorcycle was hit by a truck, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.   The deadly accident happened on Goldenrod Road in Orange County. FHP said a motorcycle was traveling southbound when a truck making a U-turn struck his vehicle. Reports said the victim was a […]