Summer Boating Safety Checklist

The summer is the perfect time to take your boat out on the water. If you haven’t taken your boat out in a while, you should consider performing a quick maintenance checkup to prevent an accident from occurring. Boating accidents are very dangerous and can be prevented with proper boating maintenance. Here is our summer boating safety check list.

First, Check Engine and Fuel System

Before you even consider taking your boat out on the water, you must check your engine and fuel system. These components are what makes your boat move. Make sure to start by checking the fuel lines, hoses, electrical connections, and clamps. You want to look for any clear signs of leaks or damage to your boat’s engine. It is a smart idea to check if there are any loose or cracked materials. Finish by checking the oil, power steering fluid, and coolant.

Second, Check Onboard and Outdrive Motors

The onboard and outdrive motors hold the propeller of your boat to get you moving. This component is very important to check before going out to sea. If these motors malfunction, you may find yourself in a boating accident. Look to see if the propeller is cracked or chipped in any way. Make sure to replace worn out zincs and inspect the control cables on the outer jacket. If there is any corrosion on the cables, replace them before going out on the water.

Third, Inspect Your Boats Exterior

You should carefully inspect your boats exterior for any cracks that could lead to a leak while on the water. Leaks are a common cause of boating accidents, as they can flood and sink the boat. If you notice anything unusual on your boats exterior, make sure to fix it before going on the water.

Fourth, Check Your Boat’s Trailer 

If you transport your boat to the water, you must double check your trailer. You should see if your trailer’s tires need any air. If you notice one of the tires has a flat, get it replaced. Also, check if the trailers lights work. Proper functioning trailer lights are necessary to let drivers know when your stopping. Without them you can get into a vehicle accident.

Fifth, Prepare Your Safety Equipment

Now that your boat is ready to go, you must make sure you have proper safety equipment on board. Double check to make sure you have life jackets, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher. You can never be over prepared for safety. Boating accidents can happen at any time. Make sure you are prepared before heading out to keep you and your passengers safe. Remember have fun and always keep boating safety rules in mind.

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