Slip and Fall FAQs

Slip and fall accidents occur in various environments, due to a combination of multiple hazardous factors. Slip and falls may occur on cruise ships, on slippery, snowy grounds, in the workplace, in restaurants, movie theaters, parking lots, playgrounds, and hotels. The most common causes of slip and falls include faulty pavements, accumulation of snow, damaged and worn carpeting, spilled food or drinks, and holes in the ground. Injuries from slip and falls vary from minor bruising, to more severe broken or fractured bones. The severity of an injury may also depend on a person’s age, physical condition, and overall health. In order to become informed about what to do after a slip and fall accident, the following frequently asked questions provide clarification.


In a slip and fall case, who can be held liable?

Because various factors contribute to a slip and falls, multiple people may be held responsible for damages. If a property owner rents out a space to a company, both the company and the property owner may be held responsible for someone’s injuries. It is the company’s responsibility to use reasonable care, eliminating risks that pose danger to people on the premises. A property owner may also be held responsible for a slip and fall, if they had knowledge of certain risks that can impose harm on people within the premises.


Can someone sue the city, if they have fallen on a faulty sidewalk and became injured?

Yes, a person may have a case against the city if this circumstance occurs, because it is the city’s responsibility to maintain streets and sidewalks. If the person is able to prove that the city did not properly maintain a safe sidewalk, they may have a successful suit against the city. The city should clean up any debris and broken sidewalks as soon as possible, to prevent the chance of a pedestrian slipping on such hazards. A lawyer will advise you of multiple requirements and deadlines to meet under such claims.


If I became injured at a friend’s house, can the homeowner be held responsible?

In some scenarios, social guests may recover compensation from the homeowner. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to inform guests of potential hazardous conditions that may be present throughout the home. If a guest trips over a hazardous object, the guest may be able to recover compensation if they can prove that the homeowner had knowledge of people tripping over the same object previously. If the homeowner was aware of the danger, they should have moved the item elsewhere, secured the item to avoid someone tripping over it, or warned guests of the hazard. Many people may feel skeptical to sue a friend or a loved one. If you do not want to sue someone you have a relationship with, you can sue their insurance company. Homeowners insurance will take care of costs, including lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.


If I fell in a store, can I receive compensation?

Various aspects play a role in answering this question. It is the store owner and employee’s responsibility to maintain a safe environment for all customers. If a liquid or slippery substance falls on the floor, and the plaintiff has evidence to prove that the substance remained on the floor for some time, or that the store had knowledge of the hazard, the plaintiff may be able to recover damages. Employees should regularly check areas that customers may walk through, to eliminate any risky hazards that may pose harm to incoming customers.


What compensation is included in slip and fall cases?

As previously stated, slip and fall accidents vary in severity, depending on various factors and the victim. Monetary compensation that is commonly included in slip and fall cases includes future medical expenses, lost wages, temporary or permanent disability, pain and suffering, and anxiety.


Slip and falls are unfortunate accidents, that may or may not be preventable, depending on the location, the person, and other factors that contributed to the incident. If you slip and fall, immediately seek medical attention. Even if injuries seem minor and manageable at first, medical experts should assess your physical condition at the time of the incident. If you wish to file a claim for your slip and fall injuries, a proper medical report will serve a purpose and justify your incident. The next step is to seek help from a personal injury attorney. Slip and fall cases are worth different values, depending on the amount of losses you’ve experienced from the incident. An effective personal injury attorney will have experience with slip and fall cases, and guide you through the process of earning compensation for your slip and fall injuries.


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