Quick Defensive Driving Tips for Teens

Knowing how to drive defensively is crucial to being a safe driver. For new teen drivers, getting behind the wheel may be exciting, but also can also be scary based on the amount of vehicle accidents that occur daily. As much as it might seem “cool” to speed or text while driving, ending up in an accident is not. Here are some quick defensive driving tips that all teens should know.

Don’t Use Your Cell Phone Behind the Wheel

The first step to being a defensive driver is giving your full attention to the road. If you are on your phone, you are not paying attention to driving. All it takes is for a driver in front of you to stop short while you’re looking at your phone to be in an accident. No matter how important you may feel it is to text your best friend, their text can wait when your life is at stake.

Never Tailgate

Tailgating other drivers on the road is never a good idea. As a defensive driver, you should always leave a proper amount of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. A good tip to make sure you are at a good distance is make sure that you can fully see the other vehicles back tires and bumper.

Leaving space gives you enough time to stop. If you are tailgating and need to stop short, you will most likely slam into the back of the other car leaving you in an accident.

Traffic Signs Are Important

Traffic signs aren’t on the driving test and placed on the road for no reason. Knowing what each sign means and following them is key to being a defensive driver. One street sign where many accidents occur are stop signs. Make sure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and always look both ways before moving.

Learn How to Drive in Poor Weather Conditions

Poor weather makes it difficult to operate your car safely. As a defensive driver, it’s important to put your headlights and windshield wipers on. Once you have done that, make sure to drive slow and pay attention to those around you. Remember, there is no reason to speed during a rain storm or when the roads are wet. Your vehicle can easily hydroplane into another vehicle.

The more you practice driving in unfamiliar weather conditions the more comfortable you will feel as a defensive driver.

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