Are Inflatable Pools Dangerous?

Inflatable pools are a summer favorite for those who do not have an in-ground pool. These pools can range from big to small and are perfect for a quick dip in the pool. Inflatable pools are mostly used by small children who do not know how to swim. Blow-up pools are often believed to be safer than in-ground pools, but they can be just as dangerous. A new study reveals that every 5 days a child dies as the result of an inflatable pool accident. Here are some tips for making sure your inflatable pool isn’t a danger to your kids.

Fence Off Your Pool

Many drowning accidents occur because a child finds their way into the pool without supervision. If you have small children that do not know how to swim, it is best to put the pool in an area where your kids cannot access. A protective fence is a great way to keep kids out and reduce any chance of drowning to occur.

If you do not have a fence, consider installing an alarm system that lets you know when a door opens. If your child is not inside and the alarm goes off, make sure to check the pool first. Small pools should be drained and flipped over every time after use. Bigger inflatable pools should have a pool cover and removable ladder to prevent a small child from getting in.

Teach Your Child to Swim

If you fear that your child will drown, it is best to start teaching them how to swim. Children that are least 4 years old should start learning how to swim. Even if your child knows how to swim, it is still important to always supervise them. If they hit their head or pass out in the water, knowing how to swim may not help them.

Learn How to Preform CPR

CPR is very important for every pool owning parent to know. A parent’s biggest fear is their child drowning in the pool. If your child were to drown or swallow too much water, you need to know how to preform CPR. Classes for teaching CPR are offered at many of facilities. Consider taking classes to save your child’s life in case a pool accident was to occur.

Assign A Designated Pool Watcher

As a parent with small children, you should understand how dangerous pools can be. Pools are a common cause for drowning accidents to occur. If your children are in the pool, make sure you or a responsible individual is watching them. No child should be swimming in the pool by themselves in case of an accident. Never assume that a small inflatable pool is not dangerous because there is little water in it. All it takes is for your toddler to fall over and not know how to get up or swim.

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