Driving with Dogs: 3 Important Safety Tips

For many dogs, one of their favorite things to do is ride in the car. You will see many dogs in the passenger seat with their head hanging outside the window enjoying the fresh breeze. Though it may seem like your dog is having a blast, they would be in a lot of danger if you were to get into an accident. Many drivers do not follow proper safety protocol for riding with their pups. Here are a few safety tips to remember when driving with your dog.

Don’t Put Your Dog in the Front Seat

Every driver enjoys being able to sit next to their best four-legged friend while driving. Unfortunately, having your dog sit in the front seat of your vehicle is extremely dangerous. If you were to get in a vehicle accident, your dog could get injured by the front airbag. Since your dog is not harnessed by a seat belt, they could also be projected from the car.

It is always best to put your dog in the back seat of the car. Though your dog may want to sit in the front, make sure to keep them in the back. This will reduce the harm from an airbag if it were to deploy.

Windows Are Not Safe

Many drivers allow their dog to hang their head out the window. Dogs love to feel the breeze go by them as they look out the window. Though this may make your dog happy, it is not safe at all. Your dog could potentially get hit by objects as you are driving which could injure them. Another danger includes your dog accidentally putting their paw of the window control button and catching their head between the window and the door frame. Also, if you were to get in an accident, your dog could fall out the window which can be very dangerous.

Purchase A Dog Friendly Harness

The idea of harnessing your dog can sound very painful, but it is a great safety option. Dog harnesses must be purchased based on the size of your dog. Smaller dogs will need a smaller harness than larger dogs. Most harness are actually very comfortable for your dog. Some harnesses even come in a bed like box for smaller to medium sized dogs. Protective harnesses do not hurt your dog but rather keep them safe when you get into an accident. You also won’t have to worry about your dog running freely around the car which could distract you from the road.

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