Driver Accidentally Hits Pedestrian in Freak Accident in McKeesport

Driver Accidentally Hits Pedestrian in Freak Accident in McKeesport

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Law enforcement officials say an enraged woman accidentally struck a pedestrian after having an argument with another person.

According to officials a 72-year-old man was on a sidewalk in a public housing complex in McKeesport when he was struck by a female driver. According to a police statement, she was allegedly trying to hit another person with her car but accidentally struck the man instead.

Deputies say 32-year-old Jakiia Williams, a resident of McKeesport, had an argument with someone and got into her vehicle to allegedly run the person down. The identity of the intended victim and the elderly man who was hit are still unknown.

EMS arrived to the scene of the accident soon after it happened to administer on-site first aid to the injured victim. Emergency crews reported that the pedestrian sustained several injuries as a result of the crash. The victim was rushed to the hospital after the accident with life-threatening injuries.

The crash is still under review and charges are pending against Williams, according to the Allegheny County Police Department.


Kevin Sobel, Accident Attorney from the Law Firm of Kanner & Pintaluga, commented on the accident: “I think there are ways of expressing one’s displeasure and aiming at running the other party over isn’t just one of them. We hope Williams has learned her lesson and it’s fortunate that no one was killed in the crash.”

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