The Dangers of Riding ATVs

ATVs, all terrain vehicles, are small motor vehicles containing one, two, or three seats, with large tires. ATVs are intended to operate through rocky road conditions, such as mountains and through rocky terrain. ATVs are typically used as a means of transportation and recreation in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and some parts of the U.S.. Because ATVs have limited protective materials for drivers and passengers, ATV accidents may impose serious injury on drivers and passengers. Common causes of ATV accidents include performing dangerous stunts and maneuvers, exceeding ATV capacity for weight and passenger requirements, and inexperienced drivers. ATV riders should wear helmets, follow all road rules, become familiar with the vehicle before riding, and follow the speed limit to ensure  safety for all riders.


Contrary to what the name indicates, ATVs truly are not all-terrain vehicles equipped for all riding conditions. ATVs are recreational machines, typically used by tourists during vacation, and off-road adventures. Before climbing on to ride an ATV, it is important to understand how the machine operates, and what to do if an emergency occurs. Before taking a long journey on an ATV, ride an ATV for a small distance to become acquainted with how the ATV operates, and to become comfortable riding an ATV. Majority of ATV accidents occur due to reckless speeding, hill-climbing, and vehicle rollover. Some drivers also attempt to exceed ATV capacity, causing accidents, or for the vehicle to malfunction. Some unfortunate cases involve the ATV passenger or passengers from falling off of the moving vehicle. A passenger or passengers may throw off the vehicle’s balance, if they are unable to shift their weight as intuitively as the driver does.


Another dangerous factor of ATVs is a defective auto part within the system. On ATVs, defective parts may be any part of the vehicle, including the tires, throttle, clutch, shifter, gas tank, or fender. If you become involved in an accident that is a result of a defective part, you may be able to file a product liability claim.


ATV accidents are dangerous in nature, so it is important to remember all of the dangerous possibilities while riding ATVs. In order to ensure the safety of you and other passengers:

  1. wear gear: helmets, goggles, boots and gloves will protect you while riding, and in case an accident occurs
  2. inspect the vehicle every time you ride, including tires and rims
  3. don’t ride alone: always have a buddy rider
  4. never drink and drive
  5. ride on designated trails
  6. be aware of your surroundings


Riding an ATV should be a fun, thrilling experience while going from place to place, or riding one on vacation. As a driver of ATVs and any other vehicle, safety is always a priority, and most rules are in place to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Become informed about all of the safety procedures to follow in order to ensure safety of you and your passengers.


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