The Dangers of Leaving Children in the Car

Every year there are children who are left in hot cars during the unbearable summer heat. When traveling with young children, some parents may find it easier to leave them in the car while they go inside to run a quick errand. Children are then left in the car to deal with hot temperatures and left without supervision. There are a number of wrongful death cases involving adults who leave or forget children in hot cars. Here are some of the dangers of leaving a child in the car.

Your Car Will Heat Up Fast

The temperature inside a vehicle is usually much hotter than the temperature outside. Your vehicle’s interior temperature can rise up to 20 degrees in only 10 minutes without A/C. It is never acceptable to leave a child in a hot car. Many parents figure that they can run a quick errand and get back in time before the car gets too hot. This risk should never be taken.

When a child is left in a hot car they can experience heat stroke which can be fatal. Children’s bodies heat up 3 to 5 times faster than an adults, meaning they can experience heat stroke at a faster rate. Another effect of heat stroke is damage to the brain.

Children Are Left Unattended

Though you may think your child is safe in your vehicle because the doors are locked, they aren’t. If a small child is buckled in, they may be able to unbuckle themselves and figure out how to open the car door. They then can injury themselves by jumping around the car or even wonder off. Children may walk behind vehicles that are in reverse or into other dangerous situations.

It is also never suitable to leave a child unattended with the car on. Children can easily figure out how to climb into the drivers seat and put the car in drive. This can result in a vehicle or pedestrian accident along with your child being seriously injured.

Ways To Prevent Leaving Children in the Car

Many parents may purposely or accidentally leave their children in the car. There are many cases where a child falls asleep in the back of the car and the parent forgets that they are there. Here are a few things to remember to prevent leaving your child in the car.

  • Never leave your child alone in the car, no matter what
  • Check twice before locking your car to make sure no one is left behind
  • Be a responsible parent

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