Biking Safety: Tips for Biking at Night

For any avid biker, finding the perfect time to bike can be difficult. If you work a 9 to 5 job, the only time you may have to bike is at night. Biking at night can be very dangerous because there is a lack of visibility for you and drivers on the road. To avoid a biking accident or collision with a vehicle, here are some important tips to follow when biking at night.

Attach Lights to Your Bike

Lights are necessary to use while biking at night. Though many bikes have reflectors, they aren’t always visible to drivers. It is best to use red or white colored lights that flash. To maximize visibility, attach at least two lights on your bike.

Not only will this reduce the chances of you getting in an accident, but will make you feel safer. Make sure to use proper lights for your bike, not lights that are too bright and can visually impair drivers.

Wear Light Colored Clothing

The colored clothing you wear at night makes you significantly more or less visible to drivers. If you wear dark colored clothing like black or blue, you will blend into the dark road. Wearing colors such as white, will make you visible to drivers.

Go a Different Route

Changing your usual biking route is a great idea if you want to avoid getting into an accident. Biking on the road can be very dangerous no matter how many precautions you take. You want to make sure you are biking in a well-lite area. Find a route that does not have busy traffic as well. If there are less cars on the road, the chances of you getting hit by a vehicle will decrease.

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