4 Work Zone Safety Tips

Road work is commonly done on older highways and main roads to improve road quality and reduce traffic. Road work can be a nuisance for drivers but is necessary to make roads safer to drive on. Work zones are a common place for accidents to occur because of detours, lane closure, and slow moving traffic. As a driver, you must take certain precautions to avoid an accident. Here are 4 work zone safety tips to always follow.

1. Stay Alert

Distracted driving is the cause of most car accidents. Paying attention in a work zone is very important because there will be unexpected stops. Work zones are a common place for drivers to talk or text on their phones because of the traffic. This is never a smart idea because you are not giving your full attention to the road. Make sure to keep a safe distance from drivers and pay attention for any road signs.

2. Follow Signs

As you approach a work zone, you will notice a number of signs signaling you that there is road work. These signs are necessary to follow. Many work zones will have a speed limit change sign. This means the speed limit may go down by 20 mph or more. Keep an eye out for any construction cones or flaggers that signal you to go a certain way. Those who ignore these signs will find themselves in an accident.

3. Never Tailgate

Tailgating is never a smart idea, especially in the middle of a work zone. Since work zones usually have a lot of stop and go traffic, you want to keep a safe distance from other drivers. All it takes is for the person in front of you to stop short and you’ll be in a rear-end collision accident.

4. Be Patient 

Patience is key in any work zone. Though you may be on your way to work, becoming angry or driving recklessly will increase your chances of getting into an accident. If road work is being done on your usual route, consider seeking an alternate route or leaving earlier. Road work is usually done in a few days or months depending on how much work needs to be done.

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